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.NET 4.6

The October releases of the IRIS Accountancy Suite and PTP Tax software will require a later version of Microsoft’s .Net Framework (.NET4.6) to be installed on every workstation and server using the products. 

It will no longer be possible to use the IRIS Accountancy Suite or PTP Tax software on a PC using the Windows XP or a Server using the Windows Server2003 operating systems as it is not possible to install .NET4.6 on these platforms.

Microsoft’s extended support also ended for SQL Server 2005 in April 2016 and therefore no longer receives security updates.   As a result, IRIS has taken the decision not to allow updates of the IRIS Accountancy Suite or PTP Accounts Production on a system which is using the database on SQL Server 2005.

The October release installer and subsequent WorkStation Setup will automatically take care of the .NET4.6 installation, along with a new run time compiler installation should it be necessary on the PC or Server.

Windows 10 users will have the required version (.NET4.6) or above already installed, Customer’s with older operating systems may wish to check and where necessary install the new environment ahead of the October release to save time during the upgrade.

Note: It will not be possible to run the IRIS Practice Software or PTP on ANY PC or Server until the new framework is installed.

The .NET4.6 installation will require a reboot of your server or PC before the upgrade of the application can be completed.  The automated process will restart the upgrade installer after the reboot of your Server/PC however we suggest that installing the .NET4.6 framework beforehand on the PCs and Server will make for a better customer experience in terms of when the Server/PC is rebooted. You may also wish to install the run time compiler at the same time.

Please click here to download the utility to check if .NET4.6 is required on your Server/PC

Once you have downloaded the utility simply double click the NetFrameworkChecker.exe file or select run / open to start it.

Either of these two dialogs will display.

Please click here to download the .NET4.6 installer

Please click here to download the new run time compiler.

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