Full Feature List v16.1.0

Release Overview

The IRIS Accountancy Suite Spring 2016 release sees a wealth of new functionally, productivity enhancements and innovative compliance changes.

It completes our coverage of New UK GAAP with the inclusion of FRS 102 Section 1A and FRS 105 mandates. But more than keeping you compliant, the Spring release also includes enhancements to make the transition to New UK GAAP as easy and efficient as possible. It also contains the latest part of the SBEE; persons of significant control as well as all the latest rates and allowances for the new tax year, such as the Scottish Rate of Income Tax and new dividend and savings allowances.

Beyond compliance, this release also includes a number of enhancements to Client Dashboards including a new intuitive search, new KashFlow dashboard, new IRIS OpenSpace widgets and the actionable items / clipboard for widgets.

Discover for yourself all the latest innovations awaiting you within this release...

IRIS Accounts Production

FRS made easy

FRS102 etc. is the largest change to the face of accounts in over a decade.

To simplify this compliance change we have introduced FRS102A and FRS105 compliance, a simplified transition process, impact calculator, FRS assistant and a dedicated FRS Hub online, to provide you with everything you need to tackle the latest mandate in this release.

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IRIS Company Secretarial

SBEE; The latest company admin changes

Another big change in legislation, the Small Business Enterprise and Employers Act still being rolled out by the government. But you don’t need to worry as the Spring release will provide you with the ability to create and generate a Persons of Significant Control register - very similar to the Director’s register with the addition of the ‘nature of control’. We have also provided you with the functionality to select directors, secretaries, shareholders and anyone from the non-client list when creating a Person of Significant Control register, ensuring another smooth piece of legislation.

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IRIS Practice Management

Expanding upon the complete client view

IRIS OpenPortal now includes a smart client search that instantly launches the Client Dashboards search results that dynamically filters as you continue typing.

We have also included a number of enhancements to Client Dashboards including a new KashFlow dashboard, new IRIS OpenSpace widgets and the actionable items / clipboard for widgets.See more detail

IRIS Personal Tax

Tax compliance focus

The Spring release also includes a number of compliance changes for Personal Tax:

  • Replacement of Dividend Tax Credits with a new dividend allowance and different tax rates on income above that allowance
  • New personal savings allowances
  • Separate Scottish Rate for Tax for Scottish residents, also included in data mining to allow you to quickly identify clients affected by the change

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IRIS Fixed Asset Register Import Tool

Enhanced fixed assets

Hot on the heels of our Autumn release, we are continuing with our enhanced Fixed Assets in the Spring release with the ability to import asset data from a CSV file directly into the Register, removing a number of time consuming tasks form your workflow.

With this new feature also comes the ability to export asset data into a CSV file which is a great way to share the data you currently hold with your clients for them to update.See more detail

To see the full contents of the IRIS Spring 2016 (v16.1.0) release click here

We have also simplified our release version numbers, more detail on this can be found here

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Other recent changes to IRIS Accountancy Suite... 

Advanced Data Screens search

With new advanced search capability in our data screens, finding the right note or disclosure to edit couldn’t be easier. The fuzzy search logic identifies all the matches that are likely to be relevant even when there isn’t an exact match. Step through all the matches with single clicks or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to efficiently find the desired location which is then displayed for review and edit. 

Enhanced Interactive Reporting

Added bookmark navigation gives single click access to any section of the report to make accessing the desired location even more efficient. A new search feature allows you to quickly find words, phrases or even numbers within the report. Also, the number of fields availabe to drill down from has been extended.

Flexible reporting options

Reports can now be produced to show either all disposals, all additions or both additions and disposal. Additional settings have also been added to give more control over the default values shown on the reports. It is now possible to suppress the exchange rate and business tax purchase and disposal value columns for all clients as well as the depreciation rate column.