Full Feature List v11.3

IRIS General

IRIS Practice Dashboards integration with IRIS OpenPortal

IRIS Practice Dashboards provides an accurate, live reflection of how a practice is performing at any moment. It replaces the time-consuming task of manually inputting data into spread sheets with an instant graphical snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs). With IRIS 11.3 this functionality will be integrated within the IRIS Accountancy Suite and will be available as a tab in the IRIS OpenPortal. This eliminates the requirement for any professional services staff involvement in new installations. 

All customers will be given a taste of the benefits with web copy and screen shots displayed within the tab and when the appropriate licence key is entered, the functionality is enabled and the details are presented on screen.

Enhanced integration with IRIS OpenSpace including requests for e-Approval, auto creating client users when uploading from IRIS and view, upload and download file options within the client dashboard widgets

Web Licensing

With IRIS 11.3 the process for entering licence keys into the system becomes much easier. Administrators will be notified of new licences via a web server. Accepting the new license is a simple click of a button instead of keying in the details. Additionally there is a new screen showing the products installed, the licence status and the date of expiry. The new feature simplifies existing procedures of adding licences to the software. It’s now a much easier flexible process that minimises the customer’s administration, there will be no more entering multiple licence codes each quarter which will save many hours of backend administration.

 Client Browser improvements

With IRIS 11.3 there is an interactive search option in the client browser.  When searching for a client in the database the list will filter dynamically displaying the clients that match the text entered into the search field.

Updated Installation Process

With IRIS 11.3 the installation process has been revisited to allow for a system ‘health check’. This new check runs through 15 system attributes (such as available disk space). These checks are the most common causes of installation failures. Although installation failures are rare such failures can be very time consuming to resolve.  System administrators can now run the health-check and resolve any potential issues at their convenience prior to scheduling the installation of new software.   

IRIS Accounts Production

 Academy Accounts

The number of academies in the UK has increased significantly over the last few years. Over the last three years, they have grown over 1400% from 203 in April 2010 to 2,886 in April 2013 and all indications are that this figure will continue to rise. All academies need to submit audited accounts and this represents a great opportunity for our customer base. This new functionality ensures practitioners can produce final accounts for academies without needing to use any 3rd party software. Complementary to this, IRIS OpenAudit has recently been updated to cater for academies as well, allowing our customers the complete academies solution.

 Integration between IRIS Accounts Production and IRIS OpenAudit

IRIS OpenAudit is the UK’s first cloud-based audit solution. It combines all the cost-savings and environmental benefits of a paperless audit solution with the convenience, accessibility and resilience of cloud technology. The new functionality within IRIS 11.3 allows auditors to automatically upload client data and trial balance details into OpenAudit. This eliminates the need to rekey the data manually, which could introduce transposition errors, and saves time as it can take over 1 hour to rekey all the relevant data. The integration between IRIS Accountancy Suite and IRIS OpenAudit transfers the appropriate data in a matter of minutes. The whole audit process just became quicker, easier and more efficient. 

  • Update to the latest iXBRL Taxonomies to include the new  detailed profit & loss taxonomy and tag the detailed profit and loss
  • Updates for Amendments to IAS 1 – Presentation of other comprehensive income
  • Updates to the transactions with directors note, to refer to advances to directors, as the term is more in line with Companies Act 2006 terminology.
  • Audit report updates as a result of changes to ISA700

Charity Formats

  • Updates to allow for material funds to be displayed separately on the SOFA/Balance sheet.
  • Option to have a separate General information page rather than including the information within the trustees report.
  • An option has been added to allow for the SOFA notes to be split by fund types.
  • Disclosure options have been added to allow for FRS17 disclosures.

IRIS Tax Products

Legislative Compliance (All tax products)

  • Update to CT600 forms
  • Dividends, RPI, CO2, Tax Districts Databases
  • Payable Tax Credit 25% from 01/04/2013 for video games, animation and high-end television industries
  • Update to the latest Corporation Tax Taxonomy
  • Update for any changes to HMRC Specials and Exclusions
  • Introduction of a 10% above the line credit for research and development
  • Changes to capital gains and income tax for Employee Shareholder Status
  • Introduction of new Cash Basis adjustments


  • New toolbars within Business Tax to give quick easy “single click” access to all the most regularly used menu options improving efficiency and ease of use
  • New toolbars within Trust Tax to give quick easy “single click” access to all the most regularly used menu options improving efficiency and ease of use
  • New “quick file” functionality within all the IRIS Tax products - Business Tax, Personal Tax, P11D and Trust Tax to enable users to transmit an internet tax return or returns for the client they have open rather than having to select the client from the separate Internet Return list
  • New helpful onscreen warning that our Foreign Tax Credit Relief (FTCR) comp doesn’t automatically handle double taxation agreements and a manual restriction may therefore be required

IRIS Company Secretarial

  • Updates to forms SH03 and SH06

And as always we’ve resolved a number of customer reported issues to help make your working day that little bit easier.