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Frequently Asked Questions for AutoMail

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Insert merge field is greyed out when attempting to add a tag into an automail letter


Insert merge field will only become available once refresh has been clicked on the tag selection window. If you are unable to see this window click the minimize (‘-‘) icon on Microsoft Word and click refresh on the tag selection window in the bottom left hand corner.

Further information can be found in the IRIS Help Centre here

When generating automail letters the system appears to freeze, then shows a missing tag window


This message indicates the information which the template is looking for is not stored against the client(s) in the IRIS database. Further information can be found in the IRIS Help Centre here

Templates appear in the incorrect format when they are generated for clients, e.g. incorrect font style/size or double line spacing


IRIS uses a word template to select the default formatting options, if these settings are incorrect when you generate the templates within IRIS it will pull through these incorrect settings.  

For assistance with amending these settings please refer to the IRIS Help Centre

Automail crashing on an intermittent basis


If you experience crashes on an intermittent basis when attempting to generate AutoMail communications through IRIS, it is recommended that the steps detailed within this IRIS Help Centre article are performed

When generating automail communications the following error appears ÔÇťOpening this will run the following SQL command


A registry entry will be required to resolve this issue,please follow the steps detailed in Microsoft KB 825765 to resolve this issue.

Other Common Questions


Other common questions for IRIS AutoMail can be found in KB IAS-7413

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