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Error 13 Opening I:\Data\lock.irs


When trying to access any of the IRIS modules the following message can occur: 

Please follow details provided in KB IAS-6719

Is Database='IRIS' on Server='Computer\IRISPRACTICE ' already in use?


During the IRIS Upgrade Scan #1 you may get an error that states 

Is Database='IRIS' on Server='Computer\IRISPRACTICE ' already in use? 

Please follow details provided in KB IAS-11892

When running Annual Reports why does a message appear stating 'Report Not Found'?


In some situations it has been reported that when running an annual report via Reports | Annual a message appears as follows: 

Report NOT found 

(Warning appears in the bottom left hand corner of the Financial Statements - Annual Report screen)

For details on resolving this issue please refer to KB IAS-5964


Windows 10 Users Getting IRIS Startup Failure


After upgrading to Windows 10, it has been identified that some users are encounter the following error when trying to open IRIS 

For details on resolving this error please refer to KB IAS-12003

Alternatively, if you are experiencing a specific error message please send the error details to

Installation Error 16


When trying to update IRIS or PTP Accounts Production the following error occurs 

Installation Error - 16 - Installation Cancelled. 
Your installation is unaffected and has reverted to the previously installed version.

Resolution details can be found in KB IAS-11482

IRIS Is Running Slowly, is there anything I can do?


My IRIS seems to be running slowly, what can I do? 

Unfortunately, slow system performance is usually a product of your environment rather than a problem with IRIS code. Here in support we find that customers with performance problems usually have some site specific problem that is affecting the IRIS application.

KB IAS-5452 provides additional information that may help to resolve this

Installing IRIS when using Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Services


How do I install IRIS when using Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services? 

Full details can be found in KB IAS-12131

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