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Frequently Asked Questions for Time & Fees

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Users receive the following warning message when opening IRIS Time/Fees: ‘Caution: The Time ledger is being updated by another user. However no other users are updating data


A Short repair will be required to resolve this, please find the steps below to assist with running this repair:

1. All users will need to come out of IRIS Time, IRIS Fees, Practice Management & Timesheets
2. One user will need to open IRIS Time | Click File | Tools | Repair
3. Tick the 3 available tick boxes (Common master sequence number repair, Fees Ledger Repair (minimum repair after marked ledger) & Time ledger repair (minimum repair after marked ledger)
4. Click ok
5. If you have taken a backup click yes, if you need to take a backup assistant can be found in the IRIS Help Centre, here
6. Click ok on the common sequence numbers window
7. The repair will commence, when it shows ‘recovery processing complete’ next to recovery stage click close. A second window will open, when this shows ‘recovery processing complete’ next to recovery stage click close.

If the issue persists after following the steps above, please contact IRIS Support on 0844 815 5551 or

Time has been posted but it is not being displayed on WIP reports


It is likely that the data needs to be updated to the time ledger from the pending queue please refer to KB IAS-11913 for help with this process.

If the issue persists please contact IRIS Support on 0844 815 5551 or

How to transfer time from one client to another


Time can be transferred from one client to another client when it has been updated to the time ledger, to do this please find the steps below:

1. Open IRIS Time | Post WIP | Corrections
2. Select period which correction needs to be posted to | Click OK
3. To remove WIP from a client account select Credit WIP, to add time onto a client account select Debit WIP.
4. Enter the relevant details (Client, Job, Staff ID, Date, Time & Narrative)
5. Click post
6. The pending queue will need to be updated, in IRIS Time click Pending Queue | Update Ledger | Tick Other Postings | Enter date range of which postings you want to update | Click OK

How can I reduce a client’s WIP Balance


A clients WIP can be reduced by raising a bill and writing out WIP or by writing off the clients WIP. KB IAS-11912 explains the difference between write outs and write offs.

Write out time via an invoice:
WIP can be written out using an invoice, KB IAS-6707 explains How to reduce a client's WIP balance with an invoice.

Write off time: If the WIP cannot be recovered it can be written off, KB IAS-11885 explains How to reduce WIP from a clients account which can not be recovered

Fee posted to an incorrect client, how can this be rectified?


If a fee posting is made to the incorrect account, this will need to be reversed/reposted. Please refer to the IRIS Help Centre for further information on this process.

What is the difference between a Write Out, a Write Off and a Write Back?


Full information on Write Out, Write Off and Write Back can be found in our Knowledge Base, article IAS-11912.

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