Full Feature List v11.1

IRIS General

IRIS Main Menu

The IRIS Main Menu has been significantly enhanced to include additional tabs to the IRIS OpenPortal for client search, client dashboard information and, is resizable.

Not only will this time saving feature allow practitioners to search for clients it is also possible to access IRIS OpenSpace.

The client dashboards feature gives greater visibility to information from the following areas:

  • Client Details: Contacts, Reference numbers, Related Entities, Notes
  • Accounts & Tax
  • Practice Management: Categories, Attributes, Jobs, Communications
  • Time & Fees
  • OpenSpace

New Client Wizard

The new client wizard is accessible from multiple areas, mainly within the Client Browser, selecting New or within most products, selecting Client | New. This area has been reviewed to simplify the process and improve usability, the most notable changes are:

  • Importing clients and appointments directly from Companies House is possible without a Company Secretarial licence, simply enter the registered number of the company you would like to import and click Next. Not only does this feature reduce the time required to create new clients it also reduces potential errors by eliminating typos as the information comes directly from the public record.
  • Adding business client includes the registered number and the charity number fields.

Client Involvements

Client Involvements screen is accessible from within Client Maintenance | Related tab Involvements. This area has been reviewed to simplify the process and improve usability; the most notable changes are:

  • Prompts appear to add directors/partners/members etc. if none are present when entering the Client Involvements screen
  • Adding new directors/partners/members etc. will auto-populate the accounting order number field with the next sequential number

IRIS Accounts Production

Quick Launch Toolbar

A quick launch toolbar has been added to the main Accounts Production screen, the toolbar contains buttons to give quick and easy access to regularly used options.

Accounts Production ‘simple’ client creation

Using the new ‘simple’ client wizard, the process of creating a new client in IRIS Accounts Production has been significantly reduced. The basic client information required to create the client can be entered in a single screen.

The simple client wizard can be accessed from the New Client icon on the quick launch toolbar; selectingSimple from the drop-down will open the simple wizard. When the New Client option is subsequently selected it will default to the previously selected wizard i.e. Simple.

Business involvements can now be automatically downloaded from Companies House for registered companies within the ‘Involvements’window. Where involvements are entered manually for clients not registered with Companies House or on existing clients, the next sequential accounting order number will be allocated automatically to the involvement, to avoid this having to be manually specified.

Partner’s shares can now be automatically allocated where the shares are equal, a prompt will display where partners are entered or partners are altered in a partnership.

New posting entries can be created quickly for clients where no postings exist for the year selected; a prompt will display asking if a new entry should be created.

Share and shareholdings

Larger share values can now be entered within the data screens and shareholdings screens of up to 12 digits (to a maximum of 10 decimal places).

Additional report options

Additional flexibility has been included within the report of the auditors for limited companies, LLPs and charities and pensions. The following changes have been made and options provided within the data screens:

  • Ability to add the registered number in the title
  • The auditor can be referred to in plural form within the audit report and singular references to be used elsewhere in the report
  • The auditor on the Company Information page can be referred to as ‘independent auditor’
  • Company can now be referenced with a capital ‘C’ in the audit report and throughout the rest of the report
  • The address and date at the bottom of the report can now be right aligned
  • The trading name of the auditor can now be left aligned
  • Option to refer to result within the audit report where there is no profit or loss
  • The electronic publication screens are now available at data screen default level to allow for options to be set as a default for multiple clients
  • All of the sections of the audit report can now be replaced to allow for user defined wording to be entered

Other areas of the reports have been enhanced and the following options are now available:

  • Column headings can now be aligned to the right of the columns and the text can be set to bold – this includes column headings, date and currency
  • Additional casing options have been provided to allow areas such as the balance sheet and profit and loss account sub-headings to be sentence case. Options have also been provided to have the note headings in alternative cases to uppercase. SelectSetup | Report Options to select the alternative cases
  • The registered number can now be displayed in the balance sheet, report of the directors, as opposed to all pages of the report
  • The ‘Operating profit’ note can now be replaced with a ‘Profit before tax’ note
  • ‘Shareholders’ funds’ can now be referred to as ‘shareholder funds’
  • The ‘Statement of directors/members/trustees responsibilities’can now be renamed to ‘Directors/members/trustees responsibility statement’ and an additional option has been provided to allow for user defined wording to be used
  • The ‘Report of the Directors’ can now be referred to as‘Directors Report’
  • Option to override the notes of historical costs profit and losses statement that displays when there are no differences
  • Option to show the split of debtors within one year/more than one year

Other updates

  • The file name of Extracts will now be the client ID, allowing for the appropriate file to be located easily.

Legislative updates

  • An option has been provided to refer to the new exemption from audit for subsidiaries where this is applicable to a company.

Note: Companies House will not currently accept submissions electronically where this exemption has been claimed.

Electronic filing

The Submit electronic accounts window has been updated to show all submitted accounts along with the current view of the pending submissions.

Extra options have been added to the screen to:

  • Delete pending submissions where accounts aren’t ready to be submitted
  • Query the status individually of the submitted accounts

An automatic completion item for job stages has also been created; it will complete the job stage it’s associated with when the electronic submission of the accounts is accepted by Companies House.

IRIS Company Secretarial

  • Icons have been refreshed in the Quick launch toolbar
  • Form 42 has been updated with the new tax year Form 42(13)
  • Mortgages and charges forms have been updated and included within the blank forms and forms with basic details – the new forms are applicable for charges on or after 6th April 2013


Legislative Compliance (All Tax Products)

  • 2013/4 Tax Year updates for Businesses, Individuals and Trusts
  • Rates & Allowances
  • Calculations
  • Self-Assessment & PAYE Forms
  • Electronic Filing including Specials & Exclusions
  • Dividends, RPI, CO2, Tax Districts Databases
  • Changes arising from the Autumn Statement: allowances, rates, bands & limits etc.


  • Enhancement was a response to a number of customer requests and will fulfil the requirements of the majority of companies
  • Capital Allowances data entry improvements - from single screen practitioners can now select the relevant Corporation Tax Accounting Period (CTAP) and compare the asset pool of the business
  • Release 11.1 the Business Tax module has been re-engineered delivering significant improvements in speed

IRIS Practice Management

There is a new automatically complete job stage option for AP: Electronic Accounts Accepted.

When applied to a job stage, the stage will be automatically completed when an electronic set of accounts has been updated as accepted from Companies House.

This job stage also has a workflow link to the Electronically Submitted Accounts Status screen available within Accounts Production.

And as always we’ve resolved a number of customer reported issues to help make your working day that little bit easier.