Full Feature List v11.4

IRIS General

IRIS Client Dashboard Improvements

IRIS Client Dashboards provide a single 360 degree client view with critical information from across the IRIS Accountancy Suite.  In keeping with this release’s theme the following improvements have been made to IRIS Client Dashboards to further simplify client interactions:

  • Documents downloaded from IRIS OpenSpace can be logged in Communications directly from the OpenSpace tab. A new column has been added to show which files have been logged in Communications.
  • The Recent Communications section on the Summary and Practice Management tabs now indicate when a document has been confirmed as uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace. A version column has been added to show the version number of documents.
  • The OpenSpace tab now shows, for each section, up to 15 documents per page, up to 4 pages. The Upload section has been removed from the OpenSpace tab – the Upload section remains on the Summary tab.

IRIS Practice Dashboard Improvements

Achieving practice-wide visibility and getting instant answers to critical questions can be a time consuming task.  IRIS Practice Dashboards provides complete practice insight, and the following enhancements in this release further improves management control:

  • A Job Partner filter has been added to the Job Status tab so that Jobs can be filtered for a particular Partner.
  • The new Staff Analysis tab shows what has been billed by each partner, manager, or staff member for all clients in specific time periods, allowing easy comparisons and analysis. Results can be further filtered by department, category, or branch.

Single Sign On

User IDs can be entered in the desktop suite and those login credentials are automatically passed into the relevant IRIS OpenApp products, eliminating the need to re-enter them again. 

IRIS Accounts Production

Deeper integration between IRIS Accounts Production and IRIS OpenAudit

New functionality allows auditors to automatically import journals from IRIS OpenAudit into IRIS Accounts Production, providing an effortless and completely automated dataflow. This saves time and eliminates the errors often introduced by rekeying the data manually.

Seamless integration between KashFlow and IRIS Accounts Production

There is no need to re-enter your clients’ trial balance to generate their final accounts anymore. With the latest integration between KashFlow and IRIS, client trial balances prepared using KashFlow are now seamlessly shared with IRIS Accounts Production, simplifying the process of preparing final accounts. 

Faster Reporting in IRIS Accounts Production

The reports generation engine has been enhanced resulting in the time taken to generate a report within IRIS Accounts Production has been dramatically reduced.

Free IRIS KashFlow Connect

IRIS KashFlow Connect is free for all accountancy practices. Use it to manage all client's KashFlow accounts from a single dashboard. From within IRIS KashFlow Connect, the software can be customise and, using tools to help promote the business.  Also, create KashFlow accounts for clients, see when they last used the software, run reports on the data they've entered and see the same data that they're seeing.  

IRIS Tax Products

IRIS Personal Tax

Electronic Checklists

This new functionality allows IRIS Personal Tax checklists to be tailored both at client level and at practice level so additional questions can be asked or existing questions amended specifically for each individual client or for all clients at once. The checklists are uploaded into each client’s personal area of IRIS OpenSpace, where the client is then able to work through the checklist providing details of this year’s income and reliefs and add any relevant attachments. The completed checklist and attachments are then electronically submitted back to IRIS Personal Tax to be verified. 


Ensuring your practice stays ahead of legislation is a leading principle at IRIS.  In the IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.4 the following legislative changes have been made to reflect this:

IRIS AutoMail: 

  • Letter of engagement has been updated for the inclusion of electronic signatures

IRIS Accounts Production: 

  • New functionality to generate accounts in accordance with The Small Companies (Micro-Entities’ Accounts) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/3008)
  • Amendments to IAS 19 – Employee benefit

IRIS Company Secretarial:

  • Updated to use Companies House latest schemas
  • Updates to Form 42

IRIS Tax Solutions:

  • Updates to SA100, SA700, SA800, SA900, R40 and R185 forms
  • Updates to P11D, P9D, P46(Car) and P11D(b) forms
  • Updates to rates of tax and allowances for 2014 and 2015 tax years for all tax products
  • Dividends, RPI, CO2, Tax Districts Databases
  • Update for changes to HMRC Specials and Exclusions
  • Update to use HMRC latest schemas

Additional value added enhancements

IRIS Practice Management:

  • You can now change the Manager on Practice Management jobs in bulk
  • In Data Mining, search for clients based on the information in the related tab
  • The Communications tab now shows which documents have come from OpenSpace and which have been uploaded to OpenSpace
  • E-approval events are now available as triggers for Automatic Job Stage completion.

IRIS Tax Solutions:

  • Dividend data, CO2 emissions data, RPI and tax districts are all regularly updated in each release, but 11.4 contains a new feature which will allow users to update any of these more frequently, so that the latest information is available at the click of a button

IRIS Fees:

  • The Fees Ledger Debtors movements report has been enhanced to include Fees budgets

Web Licensing

  • With IRIS 11.3 the process for entering licence keys into the system became easier. This is now being rolled out to all customers upon their renewal.
  • Administrators are now notified of new licences via a web server. Accepting the new license is a simple click of a button instead of keying in the details. Additionally there is a new screen showing the products installed the licence status and the date of expiry. 
  • The new feature simplifies existing procedures of adding licences to the software. It’s now a much easier flexible process that minimises the customer’s administration process, entering hundreds of licence codes each quarter will be no more saving many hours of backend administration.

IRIS OpenSpace:

  • Mobile view for Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Dashboards 
  • Seamless integration with IRIS Docs
  • Deeper integration with IRIS Accountancy Suite and Client Dashboards

And as always we’ve resolved a number of customer reported issues to help make your working day that little bit easier.

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