Features List v11.5

IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.5 provides the latest 2014 Budget changes as well as new Companies House forms to ensure you and your practice are fully compliant with the latest legislation. These changes include:

  • All the latest rates and rules from the Budget 2014
  • New company charges forms within IRIS Company Secretarial
  • Latest amendments to FRSSE 2008 (Micro-Entities) within IRIS Accounts Production
  • Updated Form 50FS within IRIS Trust Tax

IRIS v11.5 also resolves a number of issues associated with IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.4.1 and earlier versions. The issues resolved include:

  • When printing an Electronic Tax Return some characters do not display or show up incorrectly
  • 2014 returns is not printing any details in box 17 on page TR7
  • Within a Job Profile if you go into the Edit job stage details you can longer specify which staff member is responsible for a stage
  • Job Manager and Job Partner are not being pulled through on new job recurrence correctly

For a full list of the features introduced in 11.4, click here.