Features List v11.6.0

The latest release of IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.6 enables users to keep ahead of the latest legislative changes, including the major overhaul of UK accounting standards, whilst delivering a number of productivity and efficiency gains.

IRIS Accounts Production

FRS 101 and 102

The IRIS Compliance guarantee is second to none and now with the IRIS Accounts Production - New UK GAAP FRS101 and 102 capability you can create your re-stated comparative accounts and first year transitional adjustments for the introduction of the new financial reporting standards in plenty of time to get ahead of the oncoming legislative burden and ensure you are ready ahead of the competition.

Interactive Reporting

IRIS Interactive Reports allow you to edit your final accounts directly from the onscreen preview allowing instant access to change client details, account descriptions, disclosures, and notes as well as allowing you to add, amend or cancel postings. This new feature will make significant efficiency improvements to the final review process, removing the need to navigate between screens and search for specific item you wish to change. 

IRIS Company Formations

New Toolbar in Company Formations

 A new time saving toolbar has been added on the Company Formations main screen with quick links to the main Company Formations features.

IRIS Tax Products

IRIS Personal Tax

e-Checklist Improvements:

Earlier this year we released e-Checklists in IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.4, eliminating the slow and painful process of collecting relevant tax information from clients by utilising the IRIS centralised database with IRIS OpenSpace.  This new feature saves both time and money by making the whole data collection process more efficient than ever.

Following feedback from customers we have further enhanced e-Checklists ahead of the new tax year to include the following : 

  • 2015 tax year e-Checklists creation
  • Data status for each of the sections in the left hand menu of the e-Checklist screen within IRIS Personal Tax when review client data entries. This also indicates the number of fields which have been included in IRIS Personal Tax for each section of the e-Checklist
  • IRIS Personal Tax data screens now show the status ‘Imported’ for fields where client entries from e-Checklists have been used
  • Two new staff permissions to restrict users from uploading e-Checklists and editing the e-Checklist Questions at practice level.
  • Ability to re-import a previously imported e-Checklist
  • Automatic update of the ‘Checklist sent to client’ field within the ‘Edit tax return dates’ screen when uploading an e-Checklist to a client
  • New Practice Management job stage automatic completion events have been added for e-Checklists

IRIS Business Tax

CT600 v3

The latest CT600 version 3 forms (to be used for accounting periods starting 1st April 2015 or later) have been added and data entry screens updated, allowing creation and printing of latest draft HMRC forms. These forms should not be submitted as they are still in draft so will not be accepted by HMRC and have only been included for preparation purposes. HMRC will be issuing the final versions in April 2015 and they will be included in our April 2015 release.

IRIS AutoMail

IRIS AutoMail has always saved you time when generating printed letters for your clients, but we have increased those time savings even further within the latest release of IRIS Accountancy Suite : 

  • Any IRIS AutoMail letter can now be generated in PDF format instead of MS Word, providing you with greater security for your documents delivered to clients. This can be set in the template properties and on the generate letters screen.
  • Alongside the PDF generation of IRIS AutoMail letters, we have embedded IRIS OpenSpace integration into the normal letter creation workflow. It is now possible to upload an IRIS AutoMail letter to IRIS OpenSpace from within the ‘Print Now/Print Later’ dialog box. If the letter is being saved in PDF format, you can also request e-Approval at this point.  This integrated approach to client collaboration and client communications will save time and money by reducing the delivery time of client documents.


Ensuring your practice stays ahead of legislation is a leading principle at IRIS. In the IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.6 the following legislative changes have been made to reflect this:

IRIS Tax Solutions:

  • Dividends, RPI, Tax Districts Databases
  • All the necessary updates to iXBRL to allow successful submissions
  • Enhancements around R&D, Above the Line and Creative Industry Tax Credits data entry
  • Increased Online Filing validation to help prevent HMRC rejections
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions

IRIS Accountants Production:

  • Academies accounts have been updated to follow the Academies Accounts Direction 2014 that applies for periods ending on or after 31/08/2014.
  • The financial statements have been updated to support FRSSE 2015 for periods starting on or after 01/01/2015.

Additional value added enhancements

Sometimes it’s the little things that count and can have the biggest effect.  With that in mind, we made a number of value added changes to IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.6 :

IRIS Accounts Production: Enhanced Searching

The search facility in the data screens and account picker screens have been enhanced so that the best matches are list below the search text, reducing the amount of time spent searching for the right data entry item(s).

IRIS Fixed Assets Register: Enhanced Asset Summary Report

 The date of purchase has now been added to the Asset Summary Report, streamlining the number of reports required.

IRIS Practice Management: Productivity Enhancements

Continuing on with a UI overview from previous releases we have updated the icons used in many of the Practice Management screens and Data Mining.  We have also introduced automatic job stage completion events for IRIS Personal Tax e-Checklists in IRIS Practice Management to reduce the need for any manual completion.

IRIS Time & Fees: Document Security

We have extended the creation of PDF documents introduced this release in IRIS AutoMail to IRIS Time & Fees, thus it is now possible to save Fees documents (e.g. Invoices and Statements) in PDF format instead of MS Word.