Full Feature List v11.9

Release Overview

The latest Autumn release of IRIS Accountancy Suite focuses on providing you with further improved time savings and efficiency through the latest enhancements whilst our compliance guarantee enables you to keep ahead of the latest legislative changes.

Enhancements include: 

  • New advanced search in data screens
  • Interactive Reporting enhanced navigation
  • Fixed Asset Register integration and reporting enhancements
  • Advanced KashFlow client integration
  • New enhanced chart of accounts for Pensions
  • e-Checklist enhancements
  • Further legislative updates for FRS 101 and 102

IRIS Accounts Production

Advanced Search

With new advanced search capability in our data screens, finding the right note or disclosure to edit couldn’t be easier. As you type, the fuzzy search logic identifies all the matches that are likely to be relevant even when there isn’t an exact match. You can now step through all the matches with single clicks or using the arrow keys on the keyboard to efficiently find the desired location which is then displayed for review and edit. A double click will display the result and close the search pane leaving the last search string for easy access should you still select the wrong item.

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IRIS Accounts Production

Enhanced Interactive Reporting

These now include added bookmark navigation giving you single click access to any section of the report to make accessing the desired location even more efficient. 

We have also added a search feature allowing you to quickly find words, phrases or even numbers within the report. On top of this we have further extended the number of fields available to drill down from, so that you can now also drill down from any warnings and the exception report to quickly address any potential errors.

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IRIS Fixed Asset Register

Flexible reporting options

Reports can now be produced to show either all disposals, all additions or both additions and disposal. Additional settings have also been added to give more control over the default values shown on the reports. 

It is now possible to suppress the exchange rate and business tax purchase and disposal value columns for all clients as well as the depreciation rate column. This means you only have to make the selection once for it to be applied to all reports produced for all clients saving significant time. 

The Fixed Asset Summary report has also been updated to include the depreciation rate making it significantly more useful especially when there are different rates within one group of assets.

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IRIS Fixed Asset Register and IRIS Accounts Production

Seamless integration with IRIS Accounts Production

Integration with Accounts Production has been enhanced so that data within the Fixed Asset Register can now be posted directly into Accounts Production at the click of a button. 

The same valuable options are still there but can now all be selected directly within Accounts Production, so there is no need for the Fixed Asset Register to be opened whilst completing the accounts in Accounts Production. 

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IRIS Fixed Asset Register and IRIS Business Tax

Enhanced Business Tax integration

It is now possible to link employment records within Personal Tax to employment records that exist within EARNIE Payroll. Once this link is made; the earnings and tax deducted entered within EARNIE will automatically flow through to Personal Tax, streamlining the completion process of the individuals’ tax return.

The integration between the Fixed Asset Register and Business Tax has always been seamless, the data exists in one place and is shared in both products so any changes made in one is automatically shown in the other. 

This integration has been extended by allowing the details needed to calculate Capital Allowances to be entered directly into the Fixed Asset Register meaning all data can be entered just the once within the Fixed Asset Register and the Capital Allowances calculated automatically within Business Tax. 

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IRIS KashFlow Connect

KashFlow online bookkeeping and IRIS Accountancy Suite

The KashFlow trial balance data in IRIS Accounts Production now enables you to drill down from the entries within the posting screen, on-screen trial balance and interactive reports directly to the transactional source data within KashFlow where any amendments can be made directly in the source data. 

All changes are then immediately reflected within IRIS Accounts Production ensuring any corrections are made once and reflected throughout both products as part of your seamless workflow. This will reduce the risk of errors and significantly improve the efficiency of producing the final accounts. 

Futhermore, it is now possible to provision a new KashFlow account from directly within the client maintenance window in IRIS Accountancy Suite with a single click, reducing duplicated effort.

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IRIS Accounts Production

New enhanced chart of accounts for Pensions

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As part of the legislative update to the new Pension SORP 2015 we have taken the opportunity to update to a new advanced chart of accounts for pensions which brings a wide variety of benefits including but not limited to; interactive reports, ability to round to thousands, currency options, default data screens enabling changes to be made at chart, practice or partner level and the ability to set a preferred rounding account

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IRIS Personal Tax

e-Checklist Enhancements

The e-Checklists have been enhanced to include all types of income that were present in the prior year’s return, except for where the source of income has ceased, these will no longer be included in the checklist.

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Other recent changes to IRIS Accountancy Suite... 

FRS 101 and 102 - automated iXBRL tagging

Introducing fully automated iXBRL tagging against the latest UK taxonomies from the Financial Reporting Council.This radically speeds up the creation process of FRS101 and 102 compliant limited company final accounts for accountants. Simplifies the tagging process making it easier to comply with the latest UK standards since the withdrawal of HMRCs soft landing period. 

Interactive CT600s

Interactive CT600s allow you to edit your CT600 directly from the onscreen preview of the form. Allows instant access to change client details, disclosures, and notes as well as allowing you to add, amend or cancel tax postings.  Interactive CT600s is available on the new CT600 version 3 of the form which is for periods starting on or after 1st April 2015.

Publish IRIS Payroll reports to employees

Securely deliver all payroll communications to employers using your own branded client portal, IRIS OpenSpace.Stop sending sensitive payroll information via insecure email; with the latest integration between IRIS Payroll software and IRIS OpenSpace you can ensure PAYE reports are delivered securely to employers, with built in electronic approval saving you time and reducing costs.