Features List v16.3.0

Release Overview

IRIS Accountancy Suite Autumn release includes enhancements extending from improvements within existing functionality to entirely new features. Thus continuing our mission to enable your digital journey and give you competitive advantage.

This Autumn release also continues our coverage of the latest part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act and all the required tax changes. See below for more details of the changes and how they will benefit you and your practice.

IRIS Accounts Production

IRIS Accounts Production has been enhanced in the following areas:

Working Papers external file linking

To improve our workflow and paperless office experience we have introduced working paper external file linking capabilities to our Interactive reports. You can now simply add a link to your interactive report to any balance sheet or P&L figure that will open the external file and allow you to view it onscreen and use this drill down functionality to make any necessary amendments without ever needing to leave the report. This gives you an end to end paperless review process with full work paper file referencing and access.

Interactive Reporting – Adding Notes and Disclosures

Interactive Reporting now not only includes the ability to edit existing notes, disclosures, account names and client data, it also includes an 'Extended Report' which enables you to add disclosures directly from interactive reports. This allows you to build the full report or make all final edits to a set of accounts directly in the interactive report.

Round to Millions

The ability to round figures in the accounts to the nearest million provides improved data handling and presentation of the final accounts for your larger clients. 

Auto-population of accounting policies and disclosures 

We have now included a number of pre-populated default wording for accounting policies and disclosures providing you with default text to accept or edit easing the transition to FRS 102 and any new FRS policies that you may have to adopt.

LLP Accounts e-Filing 

We have enabled the e-filing of LLP accounts to Companies House.

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IRIS Company Secretarial

IRIS Company Secretarial has been enhanced in the following areas:

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment (SBEE) Act 2015

The new Companies House EH06 form for limited companies has been included to give notice of an update to members' information held on the public register.

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IRIS Business Tax

IRIS Business Tax has been enhanced in the following areas:

Enhanced user interface

Business Tax data entry has been enhanced to a tree view style so that it is now much easier to find the screen you are looking for.

Private Expenses

Private expenses can now be entered and allocated to partners to populate the appropriate fields in the partnership statement without being included in the partnership accounts. 

Charities and Academies

Existing Charity and Academy clients on the database can now be selected in Business Tax for completion of the CT600 and tax computation.  

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IRIS Personal Tax

IRIS Personal Tax has been enhanced in the following areas:

e-Checklist Improvements

Our Personal Tax e-Checklists have been enhanced so that they now include any current year data that has been entered into Personal Tax, so that you are not asking clients for information you already know about. 

There is also now an option to send a reminder email direct from Personal Tax to your client to let them know that their checklist still needs to be completed. See more detail


IRIS Tax Solutions

  • New payment dates for companies with annual taxable profits of £20 million or more
  • Updated Dividends, RPI, Tax Districts databases
  • Latest CT taxonomies and computation updates thereof
  • Increased Online Filing validation to help prevent HMRC rejections
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions

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Productivity Improvements

Enhanced client filtering

Our IRIS OpenPortal client search now includes additional filters to show all clients, just the clients registered for a specific product or those that are unregistered; enabling you to select your preferred view making it easier than ever to find the desired client. Our Client Browser now also includes these new filtering options to further improve efficiency. We have also added new settings to select your practice wide default client display filters for both the Client Browser and Client Dashboard ensuring you get your preferred view every time. 

It is also possible to export your Client list directly from the client browser into excel by simply clicking Print | Client list

Adding New Clients from IRIS OpenPortal

You can now add new clients into your IRIS database directly from the IRIS OpenPortal by clicking on the + icon next to Search clients in the left hand pane.  Please note that in order for this functionality to be available the permissions for adding new client should be set for the user under the group permissions for "Basic client database”.

Enhanced client dashboards

Following customer feedback, the column Period End Date has been added to the Job Status dashboard within the Practice Management view of client dashboards making it easier to see at a glance which period the job relates to.

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Time & Fees improvements

All standard reports in Time & Fees can now be exported into Excel in .csv format allowing you to easily manipulate and analyse your data. This new option is available on the Report Output Selection Screen. 

Rapid marking of paid invoices

Marking invoices as paid when posting a receipt and matching it to an invoice paid is now quicker and easier than ever. On the Fees Account Display screen you can right-click on the invoice and there is a new option to select 'Mark as paid'. When selecting this option the system will bring up the Fees posting screen with Posting Type set to Receipt and the fields pre populated with the full amount outstanding and all other necessary details for the posting. Of course the details of the posting can still be changed at this stage. For example, you change the amount of the receipt for the posting to make a partial payment. When doing partial matching you will also be notified by the system that the invoice is not fully matched and there is still an outstanding balance on the invoice.

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We have also simplified our release version numbers, more detail on this can be found here

Other recent changes to IRIS Accountancy Suite... 

Upgrade to IRIS DOCS 6.11

The latest release of IRIS Docs sees improvements to the new ‘Notes’ display and the addition of the highly requested Email Assistant ‘Drag and Drop’functionality, allowing users to quickly drop emails onto target areas within outlook to file and save documents against their clients.We also added support for Microsoft 2016.

Class 2 NIC

Class 2 National Insurance is now to be collected via the self-assessment tax return. We provide data entry for you to enter the value as per HMRC’s systems (just until HMRC provide the API that allows us to pull the data from them directly). However based upon feedback from our customers we have now included the calculated value so that you are able to compare and if necessary overwrite this amount.

Time & Fees
The de-registration function has been updated to include the ability to submit multiple clients for de-registration. The clients can be selected directly from the client browser, by listing client identifiers or through the advanced client selection feature on the List tab. All de-registrations, both single and multiple are now logged and the log files are stored in the Data\Logs folder.