Adding a company

Payment options


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Adding a company

Step 3. Payment options

This company setup tab is all about how you pay your employees.

Pay Employees By

You can pay your employees by

  • Cash
  • Cheque, or
  • Electronic Transfer (for example, by BACS)
  • Other (for example, if you use your online banking system)

Banking Information

If you pay by Electronic Transfer then KashFlow Payroll needs to know your bank details in order to create the appropriate payment file for you.  For building societies you may need to enter your Building Society Roll Number in the BACS Reference box.

When you close a Pay Date you will be able to download a BACS file for a specific Electronic Payment Type, such as

  • Barclays Business Master
  • HSBCnet
  • Lloyds Link
  • etc

You can then import the BACS file to your banking software to pay your employees directly, without having to rekey any information.

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