Adding a company

Payroll control settings


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Adding a company

Step 4. Payroll control settings

This company setup tab tells KashFlow Payroll how you want your Pay Dates to be set because every time you close a Pay Date, KashFlow Payroll will create the next one for you. For example, you may want your weekly Pay Dates to be on every Friday, or your monthly Pay Dates to be on the 25th of the month or earlier if this is a weekend or bank holiday.

Payslip Format and Delivery

You can choose from a number of layouts for the employee payslips and how you generally want payslips to be delivered.  For example, you may like to print payslips yourself or use the Employee Self Service facility.

Employee Self Service

KashFlow Payroll runs over the internet, so your employees can login and get what they need from KashFlow Payroll.  Employees can collect their own current or historical payslips (sometimes called electronic payslips) so when you have closed a Pay Date there is nothing to print or deliver – saving you time and paper.

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