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IRIS Personal Tax

Error Code 3001 8387

This issue is a DEFECT in the software and should be fixed in Version 20.2.0, which is due to be…


IRIS Personal Tax

Not picking up Capital Allowance for private usage when refreshing from Business Tax to Personal Tax

This was an issue in Version 20.1.0. It has now been fixed in Version 20.1.5, which is available for download…


IRIS Personal Tax

P11D Payroll Car Benefit for 2020/21 Calculation Incorrect.

Due to the late announcement of the budget made by HMRC, not all the updated rates were included within Version…


IRIS Personal Tax

ShareFisherman NIC Class 2 calculation input figure different to Tax computation and SA110

Currently when selecting the option 'Sharefisherman rate applies' within the NIC adjustment data screen the correct amount of NIC is…


IRIS Personal Tax

CGT pages (Box 20) of the Tax Return showing relief type as 'INV' instead of 'OTH'.

This is a defect in the software at the moment. This will be fixed in Version 20.2.0. Please do the…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax Return 2019/2020 Class 2 NIC £159.00

Class 2 NIC is normally £3 * 52 weeks = £156.00 Annually. However it was a leap year 2019/2020 -…


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IAS - End of Life for SQL 2008 and 2008R2

Our guidance on this would be not to upgrade your existing instance but to create a new instance and restore a copy…


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IAS-71022 : IRIS Accountancy Suite Migration Guide

This migration guide addresses how to migrate the database to a new full installation of IRIS Before completion of the…


IRIS Personal Tax

Residential finance cost, restriction not being calculated for 2019/20.

This is due to be fixed in version 19.2.0 of IRIS which is scheduled in July 2019. As a work…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal tax: 'SA106 total taxable amount must be present if sa106 property..

When you run a tax return : Look at Box 30 on page 5, this should be populated with the…