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IRIS Personal Tax

Error Code 3001 8387

This issue is a DEFECT in the software and should be fixed in Version 20.2.0, which is due to be…


PTP TR - Rejection 4085 and 4065 re 'NameOfPersonSignedFor' and 'NameOfPersonSigning'

This rejection is arising from some spaces in boxes 24 and 25 on page TR8 of the main return.  The…


PTP CT - Pre filing validation 9258

Error code 9258, Type: businessBox 580 can only be completed if the date in box 30 is on or before…


PTP TR - 6492/6594 rejection re Class 2 NIC

The workaround is to trigger a refresh of the data behind the scenes by temporarily amending an entry, for example,…


PTP TR - Tax deducted on excluded income appearing incorrectly

There is no workaround at present but this issue is scheduled to be fixed in the Summer 2020 release.


IRIS Payroll Basics

IRIS Payroll Basics Support Information

For IRIS Payroll Basics use the following support options: Download Latest Version (v1.34.136) - Click Here  Support FAQs - Click…


Personal Tax Figures are Not Showing In Data Mining

In order for Tax figures to show within Data Mining they must be finalised within Personal Tax. In order to…


IRIS Accounts Production, IRIS Accounts Production

Prepayments and accrued income on balance sheet

Post to nominal code 687


Statement of Corporate Governance Arrangements showing heading with no narrative

This has been raised with the development team who have classed this as a software defect found in IRIS version…


IRIS PAYE-Master, Earnie, IRIS Earnie IQ, IRIS Payroll Business, IRIS Payroll Basics, IRIS Bureau Payroll

Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object

Any error of this nature indicates that one or more components of your software are not working or registered correctly…