12179: Laser Payslip display order priority

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Article ID 12179
Article Name Laser Payslip display order priority
Created Date 24 Oct 2018 00:00:00
Product IRIS Payroll Professional; Earnie

When previewing or printing the ‘Laser Payslip’ using EARNIE or IRIS Payroll Professional v1.31.38 the payments on the payslip are displayed correctly.  They will likely be grouped into the ‘Other Payments’ category incorrectly, although the monetary amount will be correct.

The normal resolution to this query is to increase the number of rates in ‘Report Options’ however this option isn't working as intended in v1.31.38.


This issue is corrected with the update v1.31.41

Click here to download the update.

Advice prior to v1.31.41

To resolve this issue please download a new Laser Payslip by clicking on the link below. 

Open the .ZIP file, extract Laser Payslip.rdlc file and copy this manually into your Reports directory within your EARNIE or IRIS Payroll Professional installation.

Please reprint the Laser payslip and it will display the payments correctly.

Click here to download

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