IAS-11913: Time has been posted but it is not being displayed on WIP reports

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Article ID IAS-11913
Article Name Time has been posted but it is not being displayed on WIP reports
Created Date 24 Apr 2015 00:00:00
Product IRIS Time and Fees
Problem Opening Balances, Timesheets, General Adjustments, General Expenses or Corrections have been posted but are not showing on WIP reports.
Resolution The Time Ledger has a holding system called the "Pending Queue"
Postings made on the Time ledger will not be updated to the Ledger automatically; they sit on a pending queue waiting to be updated. They are normally updated once a denoted staff member has confirmed the postings are correct. Postings can only be updated by staff that have the privileges to do so. Some WIP reports do not have the option of including pending items in the report. The only reports that allow this function to be selected are Billing Decisions Report and Postings list.

To update the postings:
  • Log on to IRIS Time from the IRIS Main Menu
  • Click on Pending Queue | Update Ledger
  • Enter the Periods that you have been working on For example if you only wanted to update any postings made to December(2010/12) and January(2011/01) periods, ensure these periods are selected in the "From" and "To" criteria
  • Under include entries for ensure "Time" and "Expenses" are ticked.
  • Depending on what postings you have made, you would need to tick the correct selection boxes, for example if you want to update
    a. Timesheet Postings - place a tick next to Timesheets
    b. General Adjustments, General Expenses and Corrections - Place a tick next to Other Postings
    c. Write Offs - Place a tick next to WIP Write Offs
    d. Invoices that Write Out WIP - Place a tick next to Fees Documents
    e. Manual Invoices entered in Time Ledger - Place a tick next to T/L documents
    f. Client Opening Balances entered - Place a tick next to Opening Balances
  • If you would like only specified date postings to be updated to Ledger then type in the required dates. For example, 28/2/2013.
  • Click on the OK button to start the update.

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