IAS-12262: IRIS & PTP Suites version numbers and new numbering convention

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Article ID IAS-12262
Article Name IRIS & PTP Suites version numbers and new numbering convention
Created Date 07 Apr 2016 00:00:00
Product IRIS Hardware
Problem The version number for my software has changed, is there a new numbering system?
Resolution Following customer feedback and confusion on when a release was published, we have simplified the version numbering for our IRIS and PTP Suites. The new versions are based upon the year and quarter it was released rather than just a sequential number.

This has meant that the version number of the IRIS and PTP Suites has jumped a few version, e.g. IRIS v11.9.2 was the last release using the old procedure and the latest release is IRIS v16.3.0

The way the new version numbering convention now works is as follows :

The lastest version is v16.3.0
16 = The year of release

Followed by .1 = the quarter of release
  • 1 = spring
  • 2 = Summer
  • 3 = Autumn
  • 4 = Winter

    Then .0 = the edition of the release in the quarter
  • .0 = main release
  • .1 or .2 etc. = service pack

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