IAS-12940: Time in practice hours not calculated correctly in 19.1.0

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Article ID IAS-12940
Article Name Time in practice hours not calculated correctly in 19.1.0
Created Date 05 Apr 2019 00:00:00
Product IRIS Time and Fees
Problem It has been brought to our attention that in the recent release of IRIS Accountancy suite (v19.1), there is a presentational issue within the IRIS Time and Fees suite where timesheets will show the expected, posted and total time values as 24 on all current and past timesheets. The same is reflected in the Practice Hours. All other posting values are unaffected and there does not appear to be any knock on affects with the reports so you can continue to post time without concern.
Resolution You will need to download the new link on our website and run, and this will no longer show incorrect.
It is only a visual issue, so you can post and update the ledger as normal.

The fixed version is
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