Excess management expenses carried forward box is not populating

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Excess management expenses carried forward box is not populating
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13th June 2019
IRIS Business Tax
The carried forward box for Pre and post 1/4/2017 excess management expenses is not being correctly populated.
This is due to be fixed in version 19.2.0 of IRIS. This is being caused by the management expenses incurred in the year being surrendered as group relief. This will not stop the user from filing as the losses are reported in their entirety on the return and not split up. A note can be entered in Edit | Notes to state what the losses c/f are relating to. Alternatively, the user can save the computation in iXBRL format and amend it in the iXBRL editor (Edit | IXBRL Editor) to move the losses to the pre column and attach the amended report as an external document. This can be done under Reports | Electronic Tax Return – select external file under computation. The only restriction on the Management expenses Pre 01/04/17 b/f is that they cannot be group relieved otherwise they can be used against any income incurred. As a work around, when the user goes to the following year the brought forward values can be overridden to show correctly.