IAS-1533: How do I correct bulk write off postings in Time & Fees?

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Article ID IAS-1533
Article Name How do I correct bulk write off postings in Time & Fees?
Created Date 10 Jun 2004 00:00:00
Product IRIS Time and Fees
Problem I have used the bulk write off feature in Time & Fees and posted write offs by mistake. How can I correct these postings?
Resolution Contents
  • Introduction
  • Write off not updated to time ledger
  • Write off updated to time ledger

    The Bulk Write off is a facility that allows you to write off time and expenses from multiple clients. This knowledge Base article will explain how to correct your client accounts if you posted a bulk write off by mistake.

    There is a different process to follow, depending upon whether you have updated the write offs to the ledger.

    Write Off not updated to Time Ledger
    If the write off has not been updated to Time ledger, then this can be rectified but deleting the write offs. To do this:
  • Log on to IRIS Time from the IRIS Main Menu as the same person that did the write offs.
  • Click on Post WIP | Write Offs
  • You will be asked to enter a Period. Select the same period for which the bulk write off instruction was posted to.
  • WIP Write Off (Period XXXX/XX) screen will be displayed. Your write offs will be displayed in the main window. (if they are not displayed then you are not logged in as the person who posted the write offs, or the write offs have been updated).
  • Right click on one of the write offs select the Delete option
  • A confirmation screen will be displayed, click on the Yes button
  • Another screen will display the message ' Do you want to re-post the posting just deleted?', click on the No button
  • The selected entry will then be deleted.
  • Repeat the steps delete any further Write Offs done on Client accounts.

    NOTE: The postings may not be displayed if a different logon is used, or a different period has been selected.

    Write Off updated to time ledger
    If a Bulk Write Off has been updated to the Time Ledger you cancel the write off by reversing it:

  • Log on to IRIS Time from the IRIS Main Menu
  • Click on Enquiries | Account details
  • Enter Client ID and Job ID that the bulk write off affected
  • Under the Include section, select "Instructions"
  • Highlight the Write off instruction and click on the View button
  • The Time Ledger instruction: WIP write off screen will be displayed. Click on the reverse button
  • The Reverse Time Ledger Instruction Screen will be displayed. Ensure the Period is correct
  • Click on the Confirm button to confirm
  • Repeat the above steps to reverse all the incorrect bulk write offs that were done.

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