IAS-5964: When running Annual Reports why does the 'Report Not Found' message appear?

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Article ID IAS-5964
Article Name When running Annual Reports why does the 'Report Not Found' message appear?
Created Date 07 Apr 2008 00:00:00
Product IRIS Accounts Production
Problem In some situations it has been reported that when running an annual report via Reports | Annual a message appears as follows:

report not found

(Warning appears in the bottom left hand corner of the Financial Statements - Annual Report screen)
Resolution There are two reasons why this can occur:

1. The format folder being incorrectly stated within the MAKETTL.exe file
2. Incorrect File Formats within the IRIS Database

To set the paths within Makettl.exe
  • Exit IRIS
  • Right click on the IRIS icon (on your desktop)
  • Click Properties
  • Click Find Target or Open File Location and then find the file called 'Makettl.exe'
  • Double Click Makettl.exe and edit the paths as follows

    makettl report not found

    NOTE: C:\IRIS refers to a local location. You need to enter the correct path to your IRIS folder as stated in the icon properties.
  • Click OK

    Repair the database to to install the correct file formats
    Details on how to run a repair of the IRIS Database can be found in the IRIS Help Centre, here.

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