IAS-1000: Clients are missing from Data Mining

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Article ID IAS-1000
Article Name Clients are missing from Data Mining
Created Date 04 Sep 2003 00:00:00
Product IRIS Practice Management
Problem When searching in Data Mining, with no criteria set, why does the display not show all the clients?
Resolution There are three criteria set by default and these are:

1) Unregistered clients excluded
As Data Mining searches are used for your clients, all unregistered clients are excluded. To include unregistered use the Form | Client Type - and tick unregistered and click on Add To List

2) Clients with a D.O.D. (date of death)
As Data Mining is heavily linked through to AutoMail clients who are deceased will not form part of the standard search. To include deceased clients use the Field | Individual | Date of Death, and set to Anytime and click on Add To List.

3) Confidential Clients
Clients marked as confidential will not appear in any Data Mining search.

With these criteria in, and no others, the display should now represent your full client and non-client database.

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