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Unable to generate the CS01 form in Company Secretarial

When logging the confirmation statement using a date in the future, the CS01 form will not appear on the company forms screen. This is has…


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When submitting a CH01 form to Companies House I get an Internal Exception

It is not possible to electronically submit the CH01 form to Companies House until a fix is released, therefore we suggest paper filing the form.…


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How to show corporate representative on personal authentication data screen?

Share register | Members | highlight shareholder | click View | select spyglass next to corporate representative | Add | new contact | find person…


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CH04 Rejection 5140 - not supplied information relating to the corporate officer

The form will be automatically rejected without section 6 and 7, Companies House agree that it should only be populated when there has been a…


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Internal Exception Occurred: Error Code: 508

Due to recent CS01 changes please update to 17.2. The download can be located in the IRIS Accountancy Suite section of the website.


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IWincsec.exe has stopped working when generating dividend vouchers.

If you are experiencing iwincsec.exe errors whilst generating dividend vouchers/share certificates please run through the steps below: Click Start in the bottom left of Windows…


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Why is the PSC information missing on the Confirmation Statement?

With effect from 26th June 2017, Companies House have updated the company forms. The CS01 form will no longer provide information regarding the persons of…


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PSC missing on the CS01 when appointed on the same day as incorporation

This issue may occur for Companies Incorporated prior to 30th June 2016 and have no previous Annual Return. The current workarounds are as below: Users…


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What causes Confirmation Statement (CS01) to be rejected from Companies House?

Please review the following six possible causes that may result in the Confirmation Statement being rejected from companies House. 1) “Our records show that this…


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Why am I unable to submit CS01 form without Shareholders Forename or Initials?

This issue has been fixed on IRIS version 17.1 which is available to download from our website. The current workaround is to change the Shareholders…