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IRIS Practice Management

How can attributes be created, edited or deleted?

Open IRIS Main Menu and click on IRIS Practice Management, Log in as MASTER The staff control panel will be…


IRIS Practice Management

How to produce mailing labels in IRIS using Practice Management?

Within IRIS you can export a csv file containing your client details. For example, client address and contact details. This…


IRIS Practice Management

How do I access Data Mining?

Open Practice Management from the IRIS main menu, right click on the PM icon and select Data Mining to display…


IRIS Practice Management

How to setup a query in Data Mining

To set up a query to find the required clients select the Form and/or Field button. Form-based queries involve searches…


IRIS Practice Management

When I view a client I cannot see attributes, jobs, task or the notes tabs, why?

If you find that when viewing a client there are no attributes, jobs, tasks or notes tabs this is because…


IRIS Practice Management

Login Prompt Not Appearing when Loading Practice Management

This is likely to be occuring because Practice Management is still open. You will need to close the PM Icon,…


IRIS Practice Management

Why am I unable to delete a task in Practice Management?

There are several constraints on deleting the task. The task itself must have the status `Not Started` and also you…


IRIS Practice Management

Should I use Client Categories or Client Attributes to categorise my client

Use attributes if the categorisation is a simple Yes or No e.g. do I send the Tax newsletter to the…


IRIS Practice Management

I have created a job against a client in error. Can I delete it?

Follow the steps below to delete the job Client Lookup from the PM icon. View the client in question and…


IRIS Practice Management

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is an enquiry tool that will do searches on the IRIS database. You can select the fields you…