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Statutory deadline is left blank for Accounts Production job for sole traders

There is no statutory deadline for trades (sole trader or partnership) from a legislative point of view which is why…


IRIS Practice Management

The add new booking button is greyed out?

It is not recommended that you register the MASTER user in Staff Planning. MASTER, like all other users will need…


IRIS Practice Management

Staff Planning permissions/privileges

In order to plan jobs and edit diary bookings in IRIS Staff Planning you must have the relevant staff permissions…


IRIS Practice Management

How do I get help with an AML search? (Anti Money Laundering)?

It is possible to access the Searches Group website from IRIS and do a money laundering check on your clients.…


IRIS Practice Management

What is the 'Take on new client' standard job type for?

The new client standard job type is used to track your progress on new clients. This is used in IRIS…


IRIS Practice Management

I have changed server. How can I map my documents to my new server?

How you link your documents to a new server will depend upon how you have been saving your documents in…


IRIS Practice Management

How does the instalments column work in the Corporation tax payments screen?

Most limited companies make their payment of corporation tax to the Revenue once a year, 9 months and 1 day…


IRIS Practice Management

External Document ID for INVU

The 'External Document ID' column in Communications tab will show you the corresponding reference number for the document which is…


IRIS Practice Management

Do contact details get linked to the main client?

Any phone numbers or email addresses that are entered to the contact do not get copied to the main client.…


IRIS Practice Management

What do the different colours of text signify in Communications?

Below are the definitions of what the colours of text signify in Communications tracking: Red = Items created in IRIS…