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What is the latest version?


The latest version of IRIS P11d is v1.17.0. This is displayed at the top of screen once the software is open.

What is the password?


There is no default password on IRIS P11d. You will simply need to click on "login".

Why are the buttons greyed out at the top?


This is due to the fact that no current licence details have been entered. You can enter them under Utilities | Licencing.

Can I file my P11d returns online?


You are unable to file your P11d returns online through IRIS P11d. You will need to file online through HMRC website.

Can I install IRIS P11d on a network?


No, the software is designed as a standalone package. It can only be installed locally on a PC.

What is the latest date for P11d submissions to by made to HMRC?


You will need to have submitted your returns by 6th July.

What is the difference between a P9d and a P11d?


A P9d is for an employee who earns under £8,500. A P11d is for employee who earn over £8,500 or directors.

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