IRIS Laser Security P60 Alignment issue

We have identified an issue with the formatting of the P60 reports that causes the alignment to be incorrect when printed onto IRIS Laser Security P60 stationery.

To correct this issue we have created a replacement set of report instructions. Please follow the steps below to replace the affected report file and produce P60's correctly.

1. Download the replacement report file "P60D14.rdlc" . Right click here and select "Save Target As..." or "Save link as..."to download.
2. Once the download is complete you need to copy the file, "P60D14.rdlc", into the PAYE-Master "Reports" folder.
3. To locate the reports folder, on your desktop, right click on the PAYE-Master shortcut and click "Properties"

4. From the properties window, click on "Open File Location"

5. This will open a list of files and folder. Locate the folder "Reports" in this list. This is where you need to copy the file downloaded in step 1.

6. When you copy the file into this folder you should see a message prompt asking if you wish to replace the original version:

7. Select the option to replace the original file. If, when you copy the file, you do not see a message similar to the one above you have copied to the wrong location. Return to step 3 and try again.
8. When the file is copied over you will be able to produce your P60 reports with the correct alignment. Make sure you are selecting the option "Year-end" > "Print P60s" > "Print Datamailer P60s"

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