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Link IRIS Personal Tax to IRIS Payroll

This applies to:
IRIS Payroll for Accountants, IRIS Bureau Payroll & IRIS Payroll Professional

The link between IRIS Personal Tax and IRIS Payroll is quick, easy and will save time. The link is driven by IRIS Personal Tax and will pull information from your IRIS Payroll.

To set up a link:
1. Open the Employee in IRIS Personal Tax and go into their employment section
2. To set up a new employment click set up a new employment
3. Select the employer by clicking the icon next to the client field, select the employer and click ok
4. Complete the relevant involvement details
5. Click on the Link button to create the link

Choose Client
Choose Client

You need to ensure that the PAYE-Reference number for the company and the National Insurance Number for the employee match in both IRIS Personal Tax and IRIS Payroll

The earnings and tax deducted figures will be brought across from IRIS Payroll, there is also a new column to indicate that these have been brought across.
Within the benefits section any Payments & Deductions used within IRIS Payroll will be imported.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a dynamic link, which means that any changes in IRIS Payroll will be reflected in IRIS Personal Tax automatically.
Once the tax return has been finalised, for example; printed out as a final return, or filled online the employment section will then be locked. This ensures any further changes within payroll are not automatically changed within IRIS Personal Tax.

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