IRIS Practice Management FAQ

The email facility is currently only compatible with 32 bit MSI versions of Microsoft Office. Click to Run versions of Microsoft Office is not currently compatible with IRIS.
Providing the final tax return/accounts have been ran, the figures should automatically populate in IRIS Data Mining. If the figures have not pulled through the data can be refreshed to correct this. Please refer to KB3903 for further details.
Practice Management will show twice as it opens two components, the staff control panel window and the PM icon in the system tray (in the bottom right hand corner of windows). The two Practice Management Logins will only use one of the available licenses.
When searching in Data Mining, with no criteria set, why does the display not show all the clients?

There are three criteria set by default and these are:
Non-clients excluded
As Data Mining searches are used for your clients, all non-clients are excluded. To include non-clients use the Form | Client Type - and select non-clients and click Add To List.
Clients with a D.O.D. (date of death)
As Data Mining is heavily linked through to AutoMail clients who are deceased will not form part of the standard search. To include deceased clients use the Field | Individual | Date of Death, and set to Anytime and click Add To List.

Confidential Clients
Clients marked as confidential will not appear in any Data Mining search.

With these criteria in, and no others, the display should now represent your full client and non-client database.  
Only finalised tax returns/accounts data will appear in IRIS Data mining, click here for more information.
A client’s job will not appear on either the jobs or job stages tab on the staff control panel within Practice Management if there is no due date/staff member responsible.
Click here for a step by step guide to change job assignee/manager/partner.  Please note this advises how to change the overall job assignee/manager/partner, however job stages can not be changed in bulk.
To add new clients click the '+' symbol towards the top right hand corner of the new browser.  This will open the window which provides you with the options of how to create the client (previously available in the older browser)
Upgrading to 18.1.2 will allow you to obtain access to the client. The download file for this version of IRIS can be found here (linked to
Practice Management is still open. You will need to close the start centre, which is open in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Right-click on the PM icon in the system tray and click Close to fully log out.
If you find that when viewing a client there are no attributes, jobs, tasks or notes tabs this is because PM is not loaded. Go to the Main Menu and log into Practice
If you find that your jobs do not have profiles assigned to them, it is because the standard job types in the system are not set up.
When using PM if you cannot create a task it is because the task privileges are not set up.
To resolve:
Enter system maintenance as MASTER.
Go to System | Browse Staff Members | Maintain Staff File
Highlight the staff member you wish to set up and click View.
Select the Allowed tab.
Scroll down the list of privileges until you reach the Task privileges.
Click on the red cross (it will change to a green tick) for the permissions you wish to set.
Click Save.
There are several constraints on deleting the task. The task itself must have the status `Not Started` and also you must be the owner of the task. To confirm the task owner view the task and the task owner will be on the top of the Task details.
Log into System Maintenance as MASTER.
Go to Practice Management | Client Attributes
Use the New, create or edit options as required
Use attributes if the categorisation is a simple Yes or No, for example, do I send the
Tax newsletter to the client. Use categories if there are more options, for example, 2005 Grade where clients are gold, silver or bronze.
Note: There is a system maximum of 6 Client Categories and no limit to the amount of attributes.
PM is not loaded it needs to be running to search by attribute. Ensure that there is a PM icon in the system tray.
To mark the job as complete go to:
From the PM icon, Client Lookup.
View the client in question and select the Jobs tab.
Highlight the job and then click View.
Select Completed.
Yes go to:
From the PM icon, Client Lookup.
View the client in question and select the Jobs tab.
Highlight the job and click View.
Click Delete.

If you then get the message:
Cannot Delete this record - Job recurrence has profile data stored against it.

You will then need to highlight the job and then click Profile. In this screen you will then have to clear the columns Staff, Date and Notes, such that
there are no entries against any of them. Once this has been completed you will then be able to View the job and delete.