Fixing General AutoMail Errors

Below are some simple steps to troubleshoot your Automail issue, before starting these steps it is advisable to check that it is not just one template you are getting an issue with, you can check this by generating a number of different letters, if you find you are only experiencing the issue with one template it is advisable to recreate that template, if you are getting issues with all templates then please proceed with the steps.

Office 365 - Click to Run

Please also be aware that cloud based office programs, such as Office 365 which is a click to run application, are not compatible with IRIS Software.

Make sure the word process isn’t running in the background

  • Right click on the task bar and click task manager (or press ctrl + alt + delete and click task manager)
  • Click on the processes tab 
  • If there is a process called winword.exe right click and click end process

After this please try and generate a letter, you may find that the word process had been stuck after crashing once which was then causing it to crash consistently and in this case ending the process will resolve the issue. If you still have an issue after to following this step or there was no winword.exe process in the process tab then please proceed to the next step.

Disable Word Add Ins

It is also advisable to disable any add ins you currently have running in word as these have been known to cause issues when running mail merging software such as Automail.

  • Open word (outside of Automail)
  • Click file (or windows button in 2007) 
  • Click options Click add ins
  • Click go Un-tick the relevant add ins and click ok

Word Registry Fix

  • Click Start 
  • Click My Computer 
  • Copy into the address bar and press enter
  • When prompted Enter username: irisautomail 
  • When prompted Enter password automail 
  • Copy files within folder onto your desktop 
  • Double click on the relevant file depending on which type operating system you have (32 bit or 64 bit)

Note: to check which version of operating system you have (32bit or 64bit)

  • Click Start 
  • Right click on my computer 
  • Click properties

Remove Background Printing

  • Open word outside of Automail
  • Click file (or windows button in 2007)
  • Click options Click advanced
  • Scroll down to print options and un-tick background printing

Configuring Word features to “run all from my computer”

  • Click start
  • Click control panel
  • Click add/remove programs (or programs and features or uninstall a program)
  • Locate the office installation
  • Right click and click change
  • Select add or remove features
  • Click on the Microsoft Word drop down and select Run all from My Computer and click continue

Reinstall the Iris Workstation

For instructions on reinstalling the IRIS Workstation please refer to KB IAS-6723.

Run a repair of Microsoft word

  • Click start
  • Control panel
  • Click add/remove programs (or programs and features or uninstall a program)
  • Locate the office installation
  • Right click and click change
  • Select repair and click continue
  • After this has finished you must restart the machine

After following all these steps if you are still experiencing issues there may be an issue with your word installation so at this point we would advise you to reinstall Microsoft office on your machine. This is only advisable after following all the above steps. Note: Microsoft office 2013 is only compatible with IRIS version 11.2 and upwards.

For a PDF version of these instructions please click here.