IRIS Business Tax - CT600A - FAQ

CT600A Part 1 lists loans made during the return period which were not repaid within the return period.

The amount outstanding on a director's loan account may include balances brought forward from other periods.

For this reason Business Tax requires you to enter the amount of any loans to appear on the CT600A.
The repayment should not be entered on this period's CT600. All entries on the CT600A are for loans taken out during this return period. There should never be a negative amount in box A13 or box 79.

For this reason if Business Tax detects that repayments are greater than the value of the loans taken out in the period a warning will be displayed asking the user to amend the data entered.

If the CT600 for the period in which the loan was made has already been submitted to HMRC then make a separate claim for repayment of the S419 tax.

This must be done within six years from the end of the financial year in which the repayment was made.