Staff will need to be registered in order to use IRIS Docs, for more information on how to add staff as registered users of IRIS Docs please refer to the IRIS Help Centre.
IRIS Docs scans every few minutes for documents which have been scanned via a network scanner, if the files have not reached the staff members intray after 10 minutes please refer to KB IAS-11738.
This can be due to one of two reasons:

1. No documents match the search criteria 
2. The user does not have access to the filing cabinets in which documents have been saved, Further information can be found in KB IAS-11742.
For further information on installing the IRIS Docs client on a new workstation please refer to the IRIS Help Centre.
The Invu ECM service is responsible for loading the IRIS Docs email assistant on the clients outlook profile, if all machines can not load this please find the steps below:

1. Connect onto the server which has IRIS Docs installed 
2. Click Start | Run 
3. Type Services.msc 
4. Restart invu ECM Service 
5. Ask users to close/reopen Microsoft Outlook, the addin should now initialise

If you experience any further issues please contact IRIS Support on 0844 815 5551 Option 3 Option 1 or email