Staff Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

In order to plan jobs and edit diary bookings in IRIS Staff Planning you must have the relevant staff permissions enabled.

These permissions are:

Can Plan Jobs - Yes/No
Can Edit Diary Bookings for other staff members - Yes/No

To enable the permissions, click here.
There are two types of licences for staff planning:

Screen Licences
Each screen licence allows one user to open the Staff Planning module. From here you are able to view the practice wall planner, add/change/delete bookings and run reports.

Staff Licences
In order to post diary bookings against staff members in Staff Planning, the staff members need to be 'registered' with Staff Planning first. Each user registered in Staff Planning uses one staff licence.

For example, you may have a 2 screen licence and 10 staff licence. This will mean that 2 people can access Staff Planning from the IRIS main menu, and plan up to 10 staff members’ time.
Staff diary bookings in staff planning are shown in one of three colours:


YELLOW - these are bookings which relate to a specific job for a specific client. For example, four hours booked to client A001, job type Accounts, yearend 2008/03.

GREEN - these are bookings which relate to a specific job, however they do not relate to a specific client. For example, a whole day booked to job type Personal Tax - this time can be spent working on any client.

BLUE - these are bookings which relate to non-charge codes. For example, annual leave or general administration.
It is not recommended that you register the MASTER user in Staff Planning.

MASTER, like all other users will need to be registered with Staff Planning if you are to add new bookings when logged in as MASTER, as well has have the relevant staff permissions/privileges.