Technical Support - How to Install IRIS Accountancy Suite


This topic runs through the process of installing the IRIS Accountancy Suite once you have downloaded the installer file from the website.

  1. Double-click the IRIS Installer download file.

2. On the Winzip Self-Extractor dialog, click OK.

3. The following dialog displays, click Setup.

The next screen displays information on how long the installation may take and how the installation can be cancelled:

4. Click Next to perform the first checks.

5. If all the checks are green, click Next to continue.

The next screen checks to ensure your system meets our system requirements.

6. Click Next to continue.

7. Accept the licence agreement and click Next.

8. Enter the Company name and Company Reference. Click Next to continue.

9. Select the Standalone or Networked option appropriate to the installation and click Next to continue.

10. If you are happy with the folder location click Next otherwise click Browse to amend the location. Select the correct SQL Server.

11. Click Next to continue.

12. Click Next to continue.

13. Click Next to continue.

14. Click Install to start the IRIS installation.

The Installer will now progress through a number of screens. This will take a few minutes and no action is required.

15. Click Finish to exit the Installer.