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Refresher Training


We are pleased to announce our PTP software training course

This refresher course is designed to guide you through the changes to the PTP products following legislative updates, new functionality from the last 12 months and to serve as a reminder of some of the functionality you may be missing out on. Our aim is to ensure you get the most from your investment in PTP software.

We know your time is precious so each tutorial has been created as separate videos allowing you to focus on the areas that will be of greatest benefit to you and your practice.

The videos range in length from 1-10 minutes ensuring you can complete the course in under an hour 


This video provides an overview of the content of the refresher training course.

New features

see the recent changes to PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform here

Online Filing

learn how to use Online Filing with PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform

Form R40

Produce Form R40 using PTP Tax Platform product

Capital allowance module

 Access and use the capital allowance module within the PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform products

Dividend database

Use the FTSE top 350 dividend database within PTP Tax Platform

CT profit adjustment & iXBRL

See how to use the CT profit adjustment schedule and view the iXBRL computation within PTP CT Platform

Online documentation

Access online documentation (How to guides) from within PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform

Product launcher

Use the PTP product launcher as part of the PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform

Progress tracking & reporting

Use the progress tracking and reporting features with PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform

Letter templates & mail merge

 Create standard letter templates and use mail merge to send them to multiple clients using PTP Tax Platform and CT Platform

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