Technical Support FAQ

When trying to access any of the IRIS modules the following message can occur: 

"Error 13 opening C:\IRIS\DATAZlock.iris; please try later"

Please follow details provided in KB IAS-6719.
During the IRIS Upgrade Scan #1 you may get an error that states

Is Database='IRIS' on Server='Computer\IRISPRACTICE ' already in use?

Please follow details provided in KB IAS-11892.
In some situations it has been reported that when running an annual report via Reports | Annual a message appears as follows: 

Report NOT found 

(Warning appears in the bottom left hand corner of the Financial Statements - Annual Report screen)
For details on resolving this issue please refer to KB IAS-5964.
After upgrading to Windows 10, it has been identified that some users are encounter the following error when trying to open IRIS:

Module: CORE Emulator Failed to start
Cause: Failed to login into database
Unspecified error
HRESULT hr=0x80004005
[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect().]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

For details on resolving this error please refer to KB IAS-12003

Alternatively, if you are experiencing a specific error message please send the error details to
When trying to update IRIS or PTP Accounts Production the following error occurs:

Installation Error - 16 - Installation Cancelled. 

Your installation is unaffected and has reverted to the previously installed version.

Resolution details can be found in KB IAS-11482.
My IRIS seems to be running slowly, what can I do? 

Unfortunately, slow system performance is usually a product of your environment rather than a problem with IRIS code. Here in support we find that customers with performance problems usually have some site specific problem that is affecting the IRIS application.

KB IAS-5452 provides additional information that may help to resolve this.
How do I install IRIS when using Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services? 

Full details can be found in KB IAS-12131.