Windows Regional & Language Settings

Windows 10

Windows 10 actually has two different locations to configure your PC region and language settings, both of these need to be checked.

Click on the start button and then "Settings"

Windows 10 settings

From the settings windows, click on "Time & Language"

Windows 10 Time and language

On the following window make sure "Country or region" is set to "United Kingdom". Then click on the option "Additional date, time & regional settings"

Windows 10 country and region selection

On the following windows, click the option "Change date, time or number formats"

Windows 10 control panel region and language settings

Make sure the format option here is set to "English (United Kingdom)". You should see this then correctly sets the short date format to "dd/MM/yyyy".

Windows 10 formats and preferences

Once these settings are in place payroll will behave normally.

Windows 7 & 8

Open the Control Panel
• Windows 7: From the Start menu click "Control Panel"
 Windows 8:  Press the Windows Key on your keyboard & "X", then click "Control Panel"

On the control panel window click "Clock, Language and Region":

Click "Change the date,time or number format"

Make sure the settings on the following window read as follows:


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