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Discover how you can make every day a smarter school day

From expert educators to clever technology and insightful data, schools are hubs of intelligence. However, even the best schools can be restricted by outdated software. Teachers can become consumed by additional workloads just to manage everyday school processes, and that limits their time spent teaching. As education software evolves, it needs to empower schools to be more innovative in their approach to school management, giving teachers their time back to do what they love.

So, how can your school become a smarter one? We’ll guide you through.

Make every school day a smarter one

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What will you find in the guide?

We will guide you to becoming a smarter school with a full insight to our IRIS Education solutions; from streamlined school finances to our next-generation MIS and increased engagement (not only amongst your colleagues, but with parents too). Find out which schools we have supported in their mission to become smarter and how you can harness the power of technology to improve outcomes for your pupils.

  • An introduction to IRIS Education: Get acquainted with what a smarter school really looks like
  • Who we’ve helped: Find out how our smarter tech and integrated systems have helped other schools and MATs
  • Smarter finances: Discover our simple, streamlined financial suite that works in real-time
  • Smarter school management: Learn about our next-gen MIS, parents evening, and payroll systems
  • Smarter engagement: Read about harnessing the power of better-connected data, insights, and people
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