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Accountancy Solutions

Accountancy Solutions

We understand you need to be as effective and productive as possible, so you can deliver an unsurpassed service to your clients.

We can help you achieve this by providing solutions to manage your firm, streamline the production of compliance and generate insight to inform advisory.

We remove the stress of managing your practice, helping you shift gear into a world of opportunity.

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I chose IRIS as the technology platform for the business right from the start because I’d used the software extensively in my previous career and knew it was the best. I trust IRIS implicitly.

Chris Bailey, Bailey group
Payroll Management

Payroll Management

We exist to remove the complexity of and reduce the time spent running your payroll.

We do this by automating your payroll processes, so you can pay your people on time, every time.

Our solutions provide complete financial visibility of your workforce, customised reports and reduced administration time.

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With IRIS, we were able to build a bespoke solution to suit our complex payroll needs. I have worked on many payroll systems over the last 30 years and IRIS would be my system of choice every time! We’ve always found IRIS support to be second-to-none, and continue to do so.

Jacqueline Twigg , bet365
HR Management

HR Management

We believe HR software is the invisible, but essential beating heart of every business.
We help you improve employee engagement by creating a central resource, designed to increase involvement and streamline your business.
From recruitment and attainment to employee engagement, we help you look forward with confidence.

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The technology is very straightforward and quick to access, the screens look good, it is easy to use, and it reduces double entry therefore saving time and reducing the risk of error.

Veronica McKeegan, Thames Valley Housing Association
Business Accounting

Business Accounting

We believe business success lies in harnessing financial knowledge.

By using data, information and insight in a more innovative way, you can unlock new intelligence.

Our solutions improve visibility and reduce the risk of managing your finance so you can get it right today and look forward with confidence.

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Our time is at a premium and IRIS Accounts Production has proved a most efficient way to prepare our statutory accounts, while meeting HMRC’s iXBRL requirements.

Gerard Nieslony, Group Financial Controller
Education Software

Education Software

We exist to simplify financial management and improve parental engagement by automating your administration and streamlining critical operational tasks

We help to remove the stress of managing your school and assist you in achieving the very best outcomes for your pupils.

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This academic year alone, after staff time, paper and print, we’ve saved over £9,000. Previously, we relied on photocopying and paper for our parent communications which was very expensive and inefficient. It’s made a huge difference to our parental engagement.

Langstone Junior School

What our customers say

Bells Accountants

Joanne Bell, Managing Director

“I knew having the right tools in place would minimise my activity and allow me to increase the amount of time I spend being productive with my clients and IRIS has without a doubt, played an integral role in this.”


Martyn Verity, Senior Partner at Cantelowes

IRIS HR Professional

“Our team members have found the app very easy to get to grips with and all are very happy. The system has removed the old ‘clunky’ method we adopted making it much easier for the team when requesting holidays or reporting illness.”

Casterton College

Tina Green, Director of Finance

IRIS PlusPay, Parentmail

“We needed a more robust, reliable system; looking into alternatives, ParentMail stood out for its suite of applications. We use IRIS PlusPay, Online Forms, Email and messaging; utilising multiple systems from one provider has resulted in great cost savings.”

Laindon Holdings

Mike Briar, Director

IRIS Accountancy

“IRIS Vat Filer does what is says on the tin; it’s easy to set up, simple to use and problem free.”