IRIS FasTrak

Streamlined school meal management for
primary and secondary schools. Do it all from cashless catering to school dinner ordering and management.

  • Cut down on queues with a streamlined lunchtime process
  • Negates the need for secondary schools to manually manage Free School Meals entitlements
  • Web-based portal means parents can manage payments online, reducing staff administration time

IRIS FasTrak: the better way to manage school catering

Part of the IRIS BioStore cashless catering solution, FasTrak integrates with your existing school MIS and automatically downloads relevant information, such as Free School Meal (FSM) entitlement.

IRIS FasTrak uses a web-based payment portal that enables parents to pre-order dinners and make secure online payments for their child’s school meals, significantly reducing the use of cash in schools. It is simple and quick to use for pupils and teachers, with an interactive whiteboard for meal pre-ordering and attendance monitoring which passes information to the kitchen to ensure they are able to plan how much food to prepare.

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  • Interactive whiteboards – The interactive whiteboard meal pre-order and attendance screen gathers the information the kitchen needs for appropriate food preparation.
  • Parents can pre-order and pay online – A cloud-based payment portal enables parents to pre-order and make secure online payments for their child’s school lunch.
  • Free School Meals – Manage FSM entitlement with full audit trails and extensive meal reporting options to provide accurate and efficient monitoring.
  • Integration – Full school MIS integration for FSM, grab-bag and pre-order meal management, with full end-of-day reporting.

What are the benefits of IRIS FasTrak?


Combine, view, analyse, and test your data in ways that provide actionable insight


Speed up financial decision-making with all the information you need at your fingertips


Identify the impact of extending, shortening, or changing your school or trust’s financial strategy


Easily retrieve and consolidate required compliance data


Calculate the true cost of expenditure and individual initiatives and compare costs and outcomes across your school or trust


Compare costs and outcomes across your school or trust

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Smarter Schools Guide

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