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PTP VF - HttpStatus:Bad Request error when retrieving obligations

followed by: This error will occur when first selecting the client and also if clicking the Refresh button.  The workaround…


IRIS Time and Fees

IRIS 21.4.0- Unable to Import Receipts via CSV

We have had reports from several clients since upgrading to version 21.4.0 you are unable to import receipts via CSV…


Personal Tax: How to view other pages on Tax Computation?

When you generate a TAX Computation you may note pages 1/1 or 2/2 etc at the top which denotes the…


IRIS My ePay Window

Data Migration from OpenPayslips to myePayWindow

Process Here we detail the process for the migration of existing documents to myePayWindow when an employee has an OpenPayslips…



IRIS Docs 6.19- Freezing when opening Documents in the IAS Communications Tab Stored in IRIS Docs.

Since upgrading Docs to version 6.19 you have experienced an issue when opening Documents stored in IRIS Docs from the…


VAT Filer- Excel import but get Index out of Range warning (Negative)

You have tried to import the Excel spreadsheet but you keep getting this warning. Create a new Excel spreadsheet with…


PCSR - 9999 rejection of AA02 dormant accounts if the company name contains the & symbol

This issue will be corrected in the April 2022 release.  In the meantime the options would be to paper file,…


IRIS GP Payroll

Error 396; Orientation property cannot be set within a page

Update: This issue is corrected in v2021.801.3. Please update to this version or higher to prevent the issue. Otherwise, follow…


PTP PTR - Trade pages being added automatically even though HMRC Special Case 8 has been removed

For a number of years HMRC had a Special Case which required trade pages to be included with an electronic…


IRIS GP Payroll

A successful Full Payment Submission has already been sent

We are currently investigating an issue in GP Payroll v2021.800.2 where users are being prompted that a successful FPS has…