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IRIS Time and Fees- Changing Memorised Report Owner

This KB will explain how to change the owner of a memorised report in IRIS Time and Fees. For example…


IRIS OpenSpace - How to Add a Client

The Methods below will explain how to create a client account for Iris Openspace. Creating the link directly in the…


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My ePay Window

The wait is finally over and my ePay Window will soon be available for you to take advantage of. In…


Error Code: 9999 Error Type: fatal Error Message: Charity Unaudited small full accounts - AverageNumberEmployeesDuringPeriod - element must be provided for the current accounting period

When trying to file a Charity set of accounts with Companies House you may encounter the following error Error Code:…


Error code - 9999 Error type fatal Error message: Unaudited small full accounts - Averagenumberofemployeesduringperiod-element must be provided for the current accounting period

Users may encounter the following error message when submitting ABR accounts to Companies House. Following a recent update, starting today…


Xero Import Authentication’ screen unresponsive when linking client from Xero to IRIS Accounts Production

When attempting to link your Xero client into IRIS Accounts Production, users may encounter the Xero import authentication screen as…


PTP TPO - No option to print invoices to Word on new machine

TPO searches the registry to find out which versions of Word are installed on the machine but only searches as…


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How to delete a company

If you have companies on your payroll system you no longer use you can delete these to free up licences…


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Submission error 3001 sending RTI returns

This is a generic message generated by HMRC indicating ONLY that the submission has been rejected. These types of errors…


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Partnership Residential Finance Costs Not Being Transferred From Business Tax to Personal Tax

This issue has been investigated by the Development Team and has been confirmed as a DEFECT in IRIS. Unfortunately, there…