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PTP TR - Print Tax Calculation is greyed out for prior years

This functionality has become disabled as a result of entering a Partnership and/or Trust licence.  The workaround is to re-enter the current licence for the…


PTP TP/CT - New special rate of 6% not being applied to certain car categories

The affected asset categories are Cars > 130g/km and Cars > 160g/km.  The new rate came into effect on 01/02/2019 for limited companies and on…


New posting expenses screen shows an error 'Job does not exist'

Job Does Not Exist This is a known defect and is currently being looked in to by our development team. The issue is due to…


PTP TR - FTCR calculating incorrectly in some instances

The workaround is to edit manually the amount of FTCR being claimed in box 2 on page F1 of the Foreign pages using the override…


Client Status: Unable to connect to IRIS OpenSpace

This message means that there are no credentials set for the current logged in user (check this at the bottom right of the IRIS accountancy…



Error 3075 - Syntax error printing AE Summary after payroll run

This error has been reported and will be corrected in a future relase To workaround the error in the meantime: Select 'No' to printing the…


How to do an AML import from IRIS accountancy suite

First of all, please download all the files from HERE. An AML training guide is also available in that link.Contained in this link are the…


PTP TPO - is it possible to reinstate WIP written off

Unfortunately there is no way to reinstate time written off.


How to enter a negligible value claim?

This topic explains the process for entering a negligible value claim. Log on to IRIS Personal Tax and select the client.From the Edit menu select Capital Assets.Enter the loss into the…


PTP TR - Error message on 2018 HMRC Data Retrieval

This issue will be resolved in the October release, 19.3.