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Business Tax- Unsuitable Client, the client XXXX is not registered for Accounts Production etc

When trying to load a client in BT. If it only happens for a specific client OR you get others…


Business Tax- How to add Account Analysis details to a Tax comp?

The Account Analysis option can be used to produce an additional report on the Corporation Tax Computation that displays detailed…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Income tax Deducted L35 must be less or equal to L30

Normally this means you have made a manual entry in Box 515 which auto populates L35 (they are linked) -…



IRIS P11D- 5th April 2024, No further development or supply this product

If you receive an email from IRIS stating this, it only affects the 'P11D in Bureau Payroll'. If you have…


IRIS Accountancy Suite 24.1 Important information

Microsoft Runtime Updates To support the latest security updates provided by Microsoft, please ensure you're using the latest version of…


IRIS Business Tax

Business Tax- Capital Allowances, Additions entered on fixed asset screens do not agree with total additions per trial balance.

1.If your calculations are correct in both BT and AP then please run this to suppress the warning: 2. Go…



VAT Filer- HttpStatus: Forbidden

This is a HMRC warning and not from IRIS - it usually means the HMRC server has had technical issues…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- Top tool/menu bar is missing

If you have Smarttax on – it can hide the top tool/menu bar in PT. You have two options: 1.Switch…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- Expense types for sole trade missing on SES/SEF pages SA100

If below £85,000 income - it will not show the breakdown of expenses on the SES/SEF pages, it will only…


IRIS Personal Tax

Personal Tax- Exception pension contributions exceed 100% of net earnings

It is an exception - Please double check your entry and if its correct then you can ignore this, as…