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VT0-689 Approved OpenSpace Documents not returning to Docs

We have been made aware of an issue between IRIS Docs/IRIS OpenSpace where documents approved on OpenSpace are not returning…


Can I turn off TLS 1.0 and still use IRIS Accountancy Suite?

At the moment, you aren't able to turn off TLS 1.0 and be able to use IRIS Accountancy Suite. You…


Business Tax- Page 1 of CT600 indicates accounts/comp are attached - so you must attach

Business Tax cannot find the IXBRL html copy from Accounts Production (it can also mean the ixbrl of the computation…


Business Tax: How to enter SME R&D and RDEC values Pre/Post 2019

In 2020/2021 IRIS revised the design of the SME R&D and RDEC entry screens which affected post 2019 returns. However…


Personal Tax: Disposal of Property Capital gain(30 Days) and how to enter Tax paid on it?

30 day CGT reporting: IRIS PT does not yet deal with the new 30 day CGT reporting system. Our development…


Personal Tax: Underpayment OR Overpayment of Capital Gains Tax - How?

The tax on gains already charged will only reduce any gain to nil, it will not generate an ‘overpayment or…


Personal Tax - SmartTax computation incorrect. How to switch off?

Disabling/Enabling the SmartTax feature: If you find that SmartTax isn't a feature you wish to use, you can temporarily turn…


Personal Tax: SA105 adjusted profit for the period must equal the sum of sa105 PRO11.1 furnished holiday lettings etc

This is HMRC rule being applied and check all entries under UK Property and Foreign Property: 1) You cannot have…


Personal Tax - UK Property 'Expenses' Tab is missing

Please close and reopen Personal Tax - the Expenses Tab should now appear again. If its still missing and you…



PAYE-Master - NEST Integration upload issues

We’ve undertaken testing on our systems to confirm that the payroll software is operating correctly. While NEST is unclear on…