IRIS supports Accountants in Practice and Businesses, including FTSE250 companies, with their successful iXBRL compliance and in-house tagging.


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We provide a range of iXBRL-compliant software for UK finance professionals.

Another useful product we offer, IRIS Accounts Production, can automatically tag your accounts. However, in those cases where accounts are prepared using Microsoft Excel or Word, IRIS iXBRL is the ideal solution.

In addition to our iXBRL accounts tagging software, we provide a tagging service that can help reduce your workload and save precious time.

Why you’ll love IRIS iXBRL

Customers have found great benefits from automation when producing tagged accounts.

Working with IRIS for your iXBRL compliance allows you to maintain control and visibility of your accounts preparation. Many of our customers report significant reductions in their iXBRL compliance costs.

Combined with IRIS Accounts Production, there’s a measurable difference in speed, with customers telling us it has taken around two days less than it did with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Automatically applies 70-90% of iXBRL tags
  • Easy to use, no specific iXBRL knowledge is required
  • Cloud-based so there is no software no install or maintain
  • Pay as you go tagging service available too, see here for more details
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All of our solutions IRIS Accounts Production, Tagging software and out tagging service deliver a fully compliant tagged accounts for submission to HMRC

Tagging software written by the inventors of iXBRL technology, the main providers to HMRC and Companies House

Quick and reliable turnaround with a proven system that works

Use tagged accounts from a previous year as a template speeding up the current year tagging process

Key Features


IRIS iXBRL tags can be applied to your accounts whether they are prepared in Microsoft Word, Excel or even in Adobe PDF format. Tags can be added manually, reviewed and changed.

Supports all published taxonomies

Compliant with FRS 101 & 102 taxonomies and sector-specific taxonomies and extensions.

Intuitive software

Requires very little training, so you can be up and running almost immediately.

Extra capacity

Our outsourcing service can tag accounts for you. The service providers immediate access to highly skilled senior accountants trained in all areas of UK reporting.


  • I only have one set of accounts to tag

    We offer an adhoc tagging service on a pay as you go basis. See here for more details.

  • Is this software compliant?

    Assurance and compliance are the primary services of any firm. We understand that you rely on software solutions to get it right, every time – no compromise. Speak to us and find out why IRIS are the leaders in compliant software; call 0344 844 9644.

  • How do I buy this software?

    Speak to us today about how you can get started with IRIS. Call 0344 844 9644 to discuss your requirements; we’ll help you get started.

  • How do I find support for this software?

    We have a dedicated support section on this website. We also have live chat and a dedicated support telephone number: Support contact numbers.