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With a range of iXBRL-compliant solutions for UK finance departments, IRIS supports many UK businesses, including FTSE250 companies, with their successful iXBRL compliance.
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iXBRL your way

Working with IRIS for your iXBRL compliance allows you to maintain or increase your control and visibility of your accounts preparation. Many of our customers also report a significant reduction in their iXBRL compliance costs. All of our solutions are fully compliant with FRS 101 & 102 taxonomies and provide full tagging for HRMC.
  • iXBRL-compliant computations are automatically generated with no user intervention
  • Tagging software written by the inventors of iXBRL technology, the main providers to HMRC and Companies House, giving you added confidence in its reliability
  • Tags accounts prepared in Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Cloud-based iXBRL conversion service automatically applies 70-90% of iXBRL tags
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Create iXBRL accounts in 4 easy steps:

Create an online account

Log in and upload files to secure web portal

Data is processed and tagged by highly qualified staff

iXBRL-compliant accounts are returned to you

Key Features

Speed and reliability

Fast and reliable turnaround with a proven system that works.


Using IRIS OpenResourcing gives you immediate access to highly skilled senior accountants trained in all areas of UK reporting.


IRIS iXBRL tags can be applied to your accounts whether they are prepared in Microsoft Word, Excel or even in Adobe PDF format.

Security and experience

All accounts undergo a two-stage quality checking process, compliant with UK data protection laws – over 7,000 sets of company accounts have been processed through our iXBRL managed tagging service.

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