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It’s widely regarded that employees are a company’s best asset. As one of the UK’s leading HR software providers, we understand why businesses rely on software to ensure they can focus on high-value HR activities whilst keeping their employees happy and productive.

Discover our range of HR software and allow us to help you find the best solution for your business.

What is HR Software?

It’s a suite of tools used by Human Resources teams to manage employee data, their well-being, and career development. Also known as HRMS (Human Resources Management Systems), or HCM systems (Human Capital Management) they help HR teams with complex and repetitive tasks.

HR systems vary from basic software focused on specific people management tasks to comprehensive HR software capable of managing every aspect of the employee life cycle.

HR Software Feature Key

Use the feature key below to help you choose the best HR software for your business. The feature icons are used on our products to help you find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Small Business

Small Business

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. HR software with this icon on it will feature only the elements that benefit smaller businesses.

Large Business

Large Business

HR Software built with larger business in mind. Able to handle more complex requirements and capabilities.



Cloud software allows users to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Ideal for remote workers and employees who work from various locations.



Having software that can easily integrate with your other systems increases efficiencies. Share data across systems and save valuable time and money.



Scalable software gives you the ability to add or remove features as and when you need them. These features can be added in the form of modules (add-ons).



Customise your HR Software with helpful add-ons (modules). Quickly plug-in additional functionality when your business needs it and remove them when it doesn’t.


Choose from a wide range of HR software for businesses of all sizes. Select a product below to find out more details, or for more information please get in touch and one of our HR product experts will be more than happy to help.

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Learn more about HR software

HR management systems (HRMS) have been around for many years. Once quite basic and cumbersome, HR systems have been evolving at a rapid rate and now serve as one of the most important systems within a business. You can find desktop solutions, which can be installed on your machine (on-premise), or the ever-increasingly popular cloud HR software which can be used from any device with an internet connection.

Knowing the difference between cloud-based HR software and desktop systems can help when choosing the best option for you.

  • Types of Software for Human Resources

    The main type of HRMS is sometimes referred to as a core HR system or core HR software. It encompasses all the main features required for most organisations and helps Human Resources teams stay on top of compliance, and focus on higher-value tasks.

    Core HR software is suitable for any size business but tends to really work best for larger businesses. Small businesses and SMBs may look for a specific type of HR software that allows them to pick and choose only the most helpful functions for them.

    Whatever software you choose, you may find the following features helpful:

      • reporting

      • analytics

      • mobile app

      • employee self-service

    Use the menu to find out more about specific types of HR software and what to look out for when deciding on a new HR system for your business.

  • HR Software vs Cloud HR Software

    With the rise in popularity of cloud-based systems, HR software can be used as a catch-all for both traditional (desktop) and cloud (SaaS/online) options. For the purpose of explaining the difference between traditional systems and cloud HR software we’ll refer to the traditional option as HR software.

    HR software doesn’t rely on an internet connection so is only restricted by the performance of your computer. However, data is often only shared through email or USB sticks, which can negatively impact security. Traditional HR software is siloed in that it can’t be integrated with other data that relates to the business and requires manual updates and maintenance.

    Cloud-based HR software is hosted online, meaning it can be highly secured, information can be transferred quickly and easily when needed, it can automatically be kept up to date with the latest version, and it can be accessed from any device simply by logging in. Online software easily integrates with other cloud applications, such as cloud payroll software, which further improves efficiencies.

  • Small Business HR

    With a smaller business, usually comes a smaller workforce. With that said, that doesn’t make HR and employee care any less important. In fact, a smaller team means that the well-being of each and every employee potentially carries even more significance. Choosing HR software that includes tools such as training and development can help you focus on your employees’ personal goals, and growth.

    It’s important that your HR system can help you deliver the best employee experience whilst automating those resource-zapping, but essential processes.

    Our HR software for small businesses can help you stay on top of compliance such as GDPR, and scale as your business grows.

    Visit Staffology HR today and see how it can help boost your small business with a free demo.

  • Large Business HR

    Keeping employees engaged, happy and productive is no small task when you’re running a large business. The HR software you select should feature all the fundamental tools required for organisations with many employees. HR teams need to streamline compliance, such as GDPR, and maintain employee records on a massive scale. Not to mention managing holidays and absences as well as employee development and training.

    Our HR software for large businesses will enhance HR effectiveness and business performance when dealing with all these complexities.

    Discover the power of IRIS Cascade HRi today and speak with our experts to see if it’s right for you.

  • Absence Management

    The well-being of your workforce is your number one priority, but absences can also affect your team and business operations. It’s vital that these absences are managed carefully to keep your business running with as little impact as possible. Absence management software might not be able to nurse people back to health but it can take the pain out of absences and return to work processes.

    Take a look at IRIS Cascade HRi for absence management in a large business, or for managing absence within smaller businesses visit Staffology HR.

  • Expenses

    Expensing takes up a huge amount of time. It’s a pain point in small and large businesses and has risks attached such as human error and misplaced receipts, to name a few. Offering your employees the option to expense their work-related costs via expense software can save the whole business a lot of hassle.

    Our employee expenses software helps streamline expensing costs by simplifying approval and automating common processes. Take away the stress of expenses for your employees and get better visibility of business costs with IRIS Cascade HRi Expenses Module.

  • Recruitment

    Manage everything from vacancy authorisation, and job posting to offers and onboarding with HR recruitment software. Also known as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) you can ensure you don’t miss a beat throughout the whole recruitment process.

    Dedicated Recruitment Software

    At IRIS you can find a range of recruitment software to help you recruit the best talent for your business, For a dedicated software offering we have IRIS networx, which gives you the tools you need to control and manage your own end-to-end recruitment process.

    Recruitment Software Add-ons

    You can also attract, manage and recruit the best candidates with our recruitment module which can be added on to your IRIS Cascade HRi software. Check out the IRIS Cascade HRi Recruitment Module to see how you can give your HR software a recruitment boost.

    Or, consider a fully-managed recruitment service

    In addition, if you need support reaching top talent across your organisation, the Networx by IRIS Fully Managed Recruitment Service offers a low-cost alternative to agencies designed to help you source the best possible candidates without the associated placement fees.

  • Timesheets

    Keeping track of hours worked by employees is so much easier with timesheet software. Automate repetitive tasks for your teams and ensure timesheets are delivered to the right department for efficient sign-off. Cut down wasted time and the risks associated with paper timesheets such as loss, damage, and security.

    With our cloud timesheet software, all of this can be done on the go using the timesheet app. Discover IRIS Cascade HRi Timesheets today and empower each employee to self-service.

  • Training

    Hiring great employees is important but it’s just the start. Retaining the best talent with excellent training incentives and keeping track of their skills and courses is all made simple with talent management software. Bolstering your HR system with a training module can help promote the personal growth and development of your employees.

    Make your most valuable assets even more valuable with IRIS Cascade HRi Training module.

  • Workflow

    With so many pieces to the puzzle that is HR, it’s important that workflow management is at the heart of your decisions. HR systems with built-in workflow automation will ensure all your important day-to-day tasks are streamlined. This gives your team more time to focus on high-value processes that can improve the lives of your employees.

    We have a range of HR workflow software designed for businesses of all sizes. For large businesses, check out IRIS Cascade HRi which encompasses everything you’ll need, or for managing HR workflow within small to medium businesses visit Staffology HR.

  • Integrated HR and Payroll

    HR and Payroll are often regarded as disparate areas within a business however, HR and payroll teams know all too well the immense crossover between them.

    Whilst some businesses have always kept both HR and Payroll software separate, some businesses prefer to go with integrated HR and payroll systems. Integration between the two means common data is shared, re-keying of data and potential for errors is mitigated, and costs are vastly reduced.

    Ready to find out more about integrated HR and payroll software for your business? Take a look at IRIS Cascade HRi for large businesses or visit Staffology if you’re an SMB.

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