IRIS Cascade HRi Expenses Software

For those mid-sized to enterprise-level organisations looking to take back control of their business expenditure, our easy-to-use module is designed exclusively for travel and expenses management.

Easy-to-use expense management software to help with employee travel and claims

Save precious time with on-the-go features in our mobile expenses app, or feel the freedom of automating all aspects of running your expenses system, alleviating the pressure placed on your HR and payroll teams.

With two options to choose from, add the Expenses Module to your standard IRIS Cascade HRi software to get the basics, or choose Expenses+ for a more comprehensive offering.


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Customisable to your needs

Tailor the system to your exact requirements in a few simple clicks, configuring the software to fit with your expenses policy and expenses period.

  • Utilise fully customisable authorisation routes to simplify the approval process
  • Guarantee the right people always have visibility of business expenses
  • Help your team save time by ensuring simple processes that make expense management a quick and easy task
Customisable to Your Needs
Seamless Payroll Integration

Seamless payroll integration

Create one centralised location for everything HR and payroll, integrating the Expenses Module with our payroll products for smooth payment to employees.

  • By integrating payroll and HR, you can ensure your employees’ payment details are always up to date
  • Provide an easier way for your team to ensure expenses are paid correctly and on time
  • Last-minute changes to employee details are automatically reflected in your payroll
  • Reimbursed expenses can be included in a payroll run or can be run separately.

Empower your people

Reduce your managers’ administrative burden and empower your workforce by allowing employees to create and submit their expense claims.

  • Provide employees with self-service functionality, shifting the submission responsibility
  • Offer added flexibility, enabling employees to submit expenses at any time, from anywhere
  • Utilise the centralised cloud-solution to manage all business expenses
Empower Your People

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Why choose IRIS?

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Set controls on what people can claim

The Expenses Module provides far greater control of the expense claiming process, allowing you to put tighter controls in place on what staff are allowed to claim.

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Automate processes

Set rules within the module to automate processes such as approvals, further streamlining expense management for both employees and your team.

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Allow your workforce to access the module on any device with an internet connection, meaning they can submit their expenses whenever is most convenient for them.

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Ensure consistency across your organisation

Make expense management a unified process across your entire organisation, helping your team manage the responsibility with far greater ease.

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With Cascade, I have utmost peace of mind that everything is being handled properly, professionally and with SBHG’s best interests at heart.
Katie Olivier, HR Business Partner, Shepherds Bush

Feature list



  • Customisable

    Configure the software to fit with your expenses policy and expense periods

  • Self-service

    Reduce administration by allowing employees to create and submit their own expense claims

  • Authorisation

    Create fully customisable authorisation routes

  • Payroll integration

    Integrate your expense software with our payroll products, ensuring smooth payments to employees

  • Mobile expenses app

    Record, submit and approve expenses on the go

  • GPS enabled

    Validate journeys and travel with postcode-to-postcode lookups

  • Set allowable items

    Identify claimable items, including home-to-office calculations, workflows and approval processes

  • Customise expense rules

    Configure permitted limits consistent with your company’s expenses policy and flag up discrepancies so they can be effectively resolved

  • Multi-currency support

    Define your own fields and utilise multiple currency rates with real-time exchange rates

  • Company card management

    Credit or corporate card and fuel card management and cash reconciliation

  • Duty of care management

    Manage employee vehicle and licence documentation with ease ensuring validity

  • Receipt validation service

    Ensure expenses claims are HMRC compliant with receipt validation