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Fully managed payroll and pension services

Fully managed payroll and pensions services for schools and trusts.

Complete peace of mind over payroll and pensions without any of the hassle.

Dataplan By IRIS is a fully managed payroll and pensions services for schools and trusts. With quirks like multiple roles and pay spines, as well multiple different pensions schemes in operation, education payroll can be a challenge – even for many experienced payroll providers. That’s why our team of experts only works on education payroll and pensions. We handle all data submissions and returns for the Teachers Pension Scheme, all Local Government Pension Schemes and other major occupational schemes, such as NEST, and you can rest assured that we’ll get complex calculations around the likes of back pay and its tax and pension implications right. We are experts, so you don’t have to be.

When you work with us, you receive a named contact and team who work consistently on your payroll, and unlike other managed service providers, we provide online reports and management information for approval before pay day, so you’re still in control of your pay run.

Dataplan can be used alone, accessed through our secure online portal, but it also seamlessly integrates with Every HR By IRIS, so you can ensure that employee detail changes in your HR system are always reflected in your payroll run.

If you want complete peace of mind over payroll and pensions without any of the hassle, then Dataplan By IRIS is the service for you.

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What is your current payroll process costing you? 

  • Are regular payroll errors causing employee dissatisfaction? 
  • Could your school or trust cope if your payroll manager wasn’t available for the monthly pay run? 
  • How long is it taking you to keep up with monthly changes to legislation and compliance? 
  • How much time do you spend dealing with queries over pension scheme deductions and maternity pay? 
  • Is lack of visibility over payroll reporting costing you money?

Your current payroll process may be costing you more than you think… 

Dataplan By IRIS is a smarter payroll and pensions solution for schools and trusts

  • Specifically for schools and trusts

    Outsource to education experts who can handle all education-specific nuances like multiple posts, teacher and local government pension scheme reporting, and retrospective pay increases with ease. Reduce errors and save time.

    We are experts, so you don’t have to be.

  • Link up with HR systems

    Pull data seamlessly from your HR system, including Every HR By IRIS. Avoid duplicate data entry, save time and eliminate GDPR risks, and ensure your payroll information is 100% accurate.

    Employee detail changes in your HR system are always reflected in your payroll run.

  • Helps you work smarter

    Thorough reporting gives you complete oversight, allowing you to spot trends and drive efficiencies. Login from anywhere with our cloud-based software.

    Spend less time running payroll and more time running your school or trust.

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Dataplan By IRIS: Pass the pain of payroll to us  

  • Dedicated education payroll and pensions team
  • Named payroll contact
  • All pensions submissions and returns handled
  • HR systems integration
  • Powerful management reporting
  • Year-end work required by HMRC and TPS/LGPS
  • End-of-year P60s for staff
  • Control over approval of pay run

Featured Guide 

Guide: In-house or outsource?

IRIS Education provides payroll software and services to over 1000 schools.

Download our guide to help you choose the right education payroll solution

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Your payroll in the hands of education experts

Our team only works on education payroll and pensions, so we understand the complexities of the likes of teachers’ pay scales, multiple posts with appropriate T&Cs, and term-time only working. You receive complete peace of mind that your payroll and pension administration is accurate and compliant.

  • Pensions

    We handle all data submissions and monthly and annual returns for the Teachers Pension Scheme, all Local Government Pension Schemes and other major occupational schemes, such as NEST. There’s no need for you to keep up with changes and carry out complex calculations when applying retrospective pay increases – we handle this for you. For more detail on pensions services: Pension Service For Schools & Academies | Dataplan Education

  • Named payroll contacts

    You receive a named contact and team who will work on your payrolls consistently, getting to know you and your school or trust’s payroll and pension schemes, so you don’t have to worry about having to explain complex situations multiple times or lack of consistency between pay runs.

  • Connect your HR and Payroll functions efficiently

    Every HR By IRIS seamlessly links to Dataplan By IRIS, automatically pulling across employee details into your pay run, eliminating duplicate data entry, minimising the risk of GDPR breaches, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of payroll information.

  • The control’s still in your hands

    Unlike other managed service providers, we provide online reports and management information for approval before pay day, so you’re still in control of your pay run. Since we are a BACS-approved bureau, we can make payments to employees, HMRC and pensions providers on your behalf, saving you the need to buy in BACS software. We also produce month end reports and payroll journals for your finance system.

  • Cloud-native

    Every Payroll By IRIS is cloud-native and works through a web browser, so there’s no infrastructure to maintain or updates to install, saving time and money – and there’s no need for backups or disaster recovery plans like there would be with running on-premise software. Staff can work remotely, supporting multi-site and flexible working, and there’s also access on any device 24/7, 365 days a year, for payroll managers to quickly access reports and employees to securely access their pay information.

  • No hidden surprises

    We understand the need for schools and trusts to budget accurately. Therefore, our pricing structure is transparent, fair and includes as standard many of the ‘extras’ other payroll providers may charge for, such as starters and leavers, and year-end filing required by HMRC and pension scheme providers.

  • Eliminate your single point-of-failure

    Outsourcing payroll to Dataplan By IRIS reduces your dependency on key payroll administrative staff, who constantly need to keep up with changes in legislation, saving time, reducing stress and freeing up resource.

  • MAT functionality

    For multi-academy trusts, you can run as many payrolls as you like, and at any point of the month – perfect for those with growth ambitions absorbing new schools. There’s no problem having different terms and conditions in separate schools or operating across different local authorities and different local government pension schemes.

Fully integrated HR and Payroll

We know the problem: your employee records are stored in one place, but your school employees are paid based though a separate payroll system or provider.

The result: time-consuming, duplicate data entry with high potential for errors and, when you get it wrong, disgruntled employees. That’s why our HR and payroll solutions are fully integrated and API-drive, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Here’s how it works:

  1. HR system is the single source of truth

    Changes to employee details are made and approved within Every HR.

    e.g. Staff member goes on maternity leave and changes their bank account details.

  2. Payroll system takes HR changes

    Pay run opens and queued changes are pulled into payroll. Payroll run, payslips, BACS payment, FPS and pension reports generated. 

    Appropriate maternity pay, tax and pension contribution calculated. 

  3. HR system updated

    Payslip delivered to employee portal in Every HR.

    Staff member receives correct maternity pay into their new bank account.

What does integration mean to you?

  • Staff member

    • Update employee details in the employee portal and be confident that pay will be correct
    • View payslips and pension contributions in the HR employee portal, without having to contact HR
  • Payroll Manager

    • Process data entered by the HR team and employees without manually entering data
    • Save time and ensuring accuracy
    • Stay in control of payroll by locking down the payroll system once payroll cut-off has been reached and storing data for the next payroll run
  • School or trust leader

    • View employee, absence and performance data in IRIS Central
    • Combine this HR data with payroll costs
    • Determine effectiveness of staffing structure and discover ways to drive efficiencies

Looking for additional help with HR for your school?

We understand that every school or trust has very specific HR needs and requirements, and HR structures vary massively between different settings. Our team of education experts are on hand if you need help with HR administration, specific HR services such as Occupational Health, or just some external support to handle a specific case or HR challenge.

  • HR Administration

    Either outsource your HR administration to us or use self-service document management and ensure your HR administration is efficient and compliant.

  • HR Advisory

    From strategic HR advice to practical casework support, our HR advisors can provide support and advice when you need it most.

  • HR Third-party services

    We can also provide associated HR services, including affordable DBS checks and Occupational Health Services, through our trusted strategic partners.

Want to learn more about Dataplan services?

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