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A school management information system (school MIS) brings pupil and staff data together into one system. Choosing the right MIS for your school or trust is an important decision.

Read on to learn more about school MIS, things to consider if switching and how IRIS Education’s solutions can help.

What is a school MIS?

A school MIS is a suite of powerful tools that helps schools and trusts to manage daily school life. As well as meeting important statutory obligations like Census, it facilitates the management of attendance, behaviour, assessment, and staff data. By bringing together all this important information into one system, schools and trusts are empowered to identify trends, analyse data, and make informed decisions that improve the outcomes for pupils and school staff.

A more modern school MIS might be referred to as cloud-based. This means your staff can access the system anytime, anywhere, and have access to real-time data.

You may also see an MIS referred to as a management information system, school information management system (SIMS). or even a school management system.

The role of management information systems in schools

Staff in schools are incredibly busy, they need systems to help them manage day to day tasks more easily, freeing up their time to spend on the things that matter and improving pupil outcomes. Because a school MIS consolidates your data in one place, it is easier for you to connect the dots and understand why certain things are happening.

Teachers can benefit from a holistic view of pupils in their class as well as efficiencies from having information recorded in one system. School SLT and head teachers can monitor groups of children and make improvements across a school, based on what works and what doesn’t. Likewise, multi-academy trust (MAT) leaders can transfer learnings from one school in the group to another.

Whether you are a primary school, secondary school, special school or trust, a smart MIS will help you become smarter.

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Choosing the right MIS for your school

Choosing a school MIS is a big decision for your school or trust, and it is important you choose one that is right for your school or trust and will adapt as you do.

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An MIS should bring all your school data together into one place, so that you can spot patterns and make interventions when necessary. Data that allows you to make better decisions is powerful to schools and trusts and a key component in driving improved outcomes for pupil attainment, wellbeing, and safeguarding.

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School staff are incredibly busy and shouldn’t have to spend hours entering, managing, and analysing data. A good school MIS will streamline processes, centralise pupil and staff data into meaningful reports and free teachers, SLT, and admin staff to spend time on what really matters.

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A school MIS should be cloud-based so that real-time data can be accessed anytime, anywhere – enabling remote working and learning. Technology is always developing, and your MIS should use the latest tech to maximise efficiencies, give the best insight, and alleviate the pressure on school and trust staff.

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If you are using an outdated school MIS, you may be thinking of changing to an alternative system. Ask your new provider how long implementation takes, what is involved in switching, how comprehensive training will be, and what support is available when switching MIS. Other key questions include: what data can be taken from your old system to your new one? Who is responsible for the migration? And what’s involved? Our time to switch guide helps guide you through the process.

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Next generation school MIS resources

Like what you see? Want to know more about the benefits of switching to a next generation, cloud-based school MIS? Take a look at our library of resources. From FAQs and case studies, to a guide to successfully implementing a new management information system – we have everything you need to take the next step on your journey.

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