IRIS Financial Planner

Complex school and trust budgeting made simple, secure, dynamic, and user-friendly.

  • Harness the power of insight and see the bigger financial picture
  • Create monthly payroll and budget reports with ease
  • Automate budget consolidation across multi-academy trusts
IRIS Financial Planner

IRIS Financial Planner: making complex budgeting simple

Budgeting can be a complicated process, particularly across large multi-academy trusts. IRIS Financial Planner keeps it simple.

IRIS Financial Planner’s user-friendly interface allows you to model alternative budget scenarios and create monthly payroll and budget reports with ease, with automatic budget consolidation for multi-academy trusts.

Unlike other budgeting systems, you can apply full or partial costs to customisable analysis tags, enabling you to plan and report school expenditure on a granular level.

Eliminate the risk of human error and save your staff valuable time for the tasks that really matter.

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  • Integration Generate accurate, detailed costings, including maternity, national insurance, and pension contributions, with no manual calculations required.
  • Dynamic reporting Interactive charts provide instant access to KPIs, ratio and cash flow analysis, Pupil Premium, Sports Grant trackers, and year-end forecast reports.
  • Create, copy, and compare Create unlimited budget scenarios, copy budgets from one financial year to the next, and compare scenarios at the click of a button.
  • Fix budgets Lock approved budgets for full auditability and management report reconciliation.

What are the benefits of IRIS Financial Planner?


Simplify and streamline your budget planning process across your school


See the bigger picture and provide your stakeholders with a long-term plan


Generate accurate, detailed costings with no manual calculations required


Save time and effort by no longer manually importing budgets


Create unlimited budget scenarios; copy budgets from one financial year to the next


Integrate the system naturally and directly into your core financial management software


Lock approved budgets for full auditability and management report reconciliation

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Want to make smarter budget decisions with IRIS Financial Planner?

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