IRIS Elements

Our MTD-ready and HMRC-recognised cloud accountancy platform provides you with automated workflows and new technologies to help you grow and modernise your practice with new ways of working.


A future-ready cloud accountancy platform

At IRIS we are known for delivering core compliance that is right first time, every time. We were the first for File by Internet (FBI) online tax return submissions, first for Self-Assessment (SA) online tax return submissions and first for Making Tax Digital online submission. Compliance is in our DNA and with over 40 years of experience working with HMRC to get the right outcome for our customers, you can be assured we have done the thinking for you.

With IRIS Elements we provide you with a platform, not a product, that will help you future-proof your business and scale as you grow. IRIS Elements is an adaptive platform that works for any and every sized practice; from sole traders and start-ups, those growing small and medium firms, through to large and national firms. We provide the capabilities you and your practice need to embrace new ways of working. In-built automation and streamlining creates productivity, efficiency, and speed gains for every type of accountant.

We know that being in control of when and how you move your accountancy practice to the cloud is important to you.  In developing IRIS Elements, we have built a next generation accountancy platform that allows you to move to the cloud at your own pace.

IRIS Elements gives you the space to focus, the capacity to grow and the time to deliver your best to your clients.

IRIS Elements Anti Money Laundering (AML)

IRIS Elements AML is a cloud-based solution supporting your firms’ needs to comply with all the latest AML regulations, onboarding of new clients and improving your productivity. It provides everything you need to onboard new clients with confidence.

  • Suspicious activity reports
  • Know your customer (KYC) assessments.
  • Risk assessments
  • ID checks
  • Risk profiles

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IRIS Elements SmartTax

IRIS Elements SmartTax is a tax simulator that delivers ‘real-time’ tax calculations within IRIS Personal Tax to improve efficiencies enabling true tax planning.  Cloud-based innovation available today in your IRIS Personal Tax product.

  • Real-time updates to your clients’ tax calculations.
  • Simple ‘what if’ scenarios run instantaneously.
  • Faster updates reflecting the latest HMRC updates to the tax calculation without the need to update the desktop

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Senta by IRIS helps accountants automate and organise their work, leaving more time to deliver a great service to your clients and grow your practice.

  • Simplifies workloads through automated & flexible workflows that are easy to configure to fit any and every firm.
  • Automated reminders for staff and clients.
  • Integrated and automated texts / emails (not attachments) to clients.
  • Reduces data and workflow duplication through 3rd party data integrations.

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IRIS Elements Financial Performance Review (FPR)

The financial performance review dashboard provides a visually engaging 5 year view which summarises your clients’ historical financial performance. The dashboard consists of 5 components designed to provide useful insights on most businesses.

  • The Profits and revenue trend analysis.
  • The Balance sheet performance over time.
  • Cost analysis for the reporting periods.
  • Profit percentages.
  • Debtor and creditor days.

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Why choose IRIS Elements?


A platform to keep you seamlessly connected that scales with your business whether you’re a sole trader or a large enterprise.


Automated workflows and alerts/reminders to create efficiencies and free up your time to spend more advising your clients.


Intuitive and user-friendly design to make adoption for you and your practice members a straightforward experience.


With over 40 years of experience in developing compliance software and engaging with HMRC, who better to trust with your practices’ compliance needs.

Customer Stories

Crack-a-Tax Limited

Aly Rainey

“I have used IRIS for many years and have always found it incredibly easy to use which is why I’ve stayed loyal for so long. It’s therefore great to see IRIS now venturing properly into a more cloud-based system, of which IRIS Elements and SmartTax is the showcase. SmartTax allows me to see the current tax status of the client I’m working on in real time, and it’s making a really positive difference to the preparation of my client tax returns as I no longer have to keep running the tax computation! I look forward to seeing Elements and SmartTax becoming part of the everyday provision.”

R Vann Limited

Lucy Vann-Patrick

“Elements is such an easy system to use the ID checks are quick and easy to use. Using both ID checks and risk assessments, you can make an informed decision on the client’s risk. Everything is self-explanatory and user friendly. The elements team are very friendly and quick at responding if I have any queries.”

Pink Pig Financials

Cheryl Sharp

“Senta is now the heart of our practice and has completely changed how we work. Before using practice management software, I didn’t know if we were meeting our targets. Now, because of Senta, I feel on top of things and I’m constantly tweaking and updating things as we improve the practice. The integrations in Senta are really helpful. We have it linked up to Xero, Companies House, Xavier Analytics and GoProposal. And I love how it integrates with GoProposal. It pulls the info through, does the proposal, adds in the services and the workflows, and even sends out the intro emails”


At IRIS we know that no two businesses are the same. One set of accountancy tools will not solve the impact of all these changes. Every business will be affected differently depending on their client portfolio, their size and the services they offer.

By creating a platform IRIS Elements allows accountants to choose their own menu of accounting services or apps that suit their business needs thereby facilitating growth. By sharing data between these apps seamlessly we are improving the opportunities for accountants to become true business advisors to their clients should they want to, enabling them to make better decisions both for their business and those of their clients.
No. IRIS Accountancy Suite (and other desktop apps) will continue to be developed and enhanced for the foreseeable future. IRIS Elements provides choice for those accountants who want the latest technology today to enable them to progress their goals in new ways, but not all practices are ready (or want) to move to the cloud and this is why we will continue the development of our desktop apps. As you would imagine there is many more features and services we can develop in cloud computing so we hope to show you the benefits to your business of moving to the cloud.
The core construct of IRIS Elements is that we unify the technology. All the metrics and technology developments we discuss come from accountancy but are applicable to payroll, HR and other financial systems.

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