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We understand that no two practices are the same. IRIS Elements provides an ecosystem of cloud and mobile apps fully integrated with IRIS on-premise solutions, placing automation and data integration at the heart of the practice.
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How can IRIS Elements help you?

We know all practices are unique, with different requirements and challenges to overcome. The innovative platform enables practices to evolve to the cloud at their own pace, whilst maximising investment in both existing desktop and new cloud/mobile apps – allowing practices to look forward with certainty.


IRIS Elements unlocks business potential within a practice using an eco-system of cloud, mobile and on-premise applications, enabling growth through new services and increased productivity. 


Future-proofing practices with modern technology and infrastructure that can scale with the practice as they grow and adapt in an increasingly unpredictable world of compliance and business change. 


In an increasingly unpredictable world of compliance and business change, IRIS Elements can future-proof a practice with modern technology and infrastructure designed to adapt and scale as it grows.

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A single platform to deliver all your practice needs

Add value to your practice and improve the customer experience with flexible and fast access to intelligent data

Manage data for your practice with a modern, user-friendly dashboard

Advance in the digital age with innovative technology designed to support your practice

Key Features

Seamless integration

Increase productivity and save time with our truly integrated suite of products. This means no rekeying of data, reducing errors and ensuring that your information is more accurate.

Liberate your data

The data held in your IRIS Accountancy Suite is made available to new cloud and mobile-based apps.

Improved customer experience

Add value to your practice and improve the customer experience with flexible and fast access to intelligent data.

Agile technology

IRIS Elements is built on a new modern platform allowing it to integrate with new IRIS apps and even 3rd party apps.


The first application available on IRIS Elements will be AML, a cloud based anti-money laundering solution supporting practices to comply with AML regulations, onboard new clients and improve productivity. 
The AML application drastically reduces time-consuming processes with efficient online data checks, providing the security your practice needs to onboard new clients with confidence and in moments. 

For more information and to register your interest in IRIS Elements AML email us at elements@iris.co.uk

Need AML today? Find out more about IRIS AML.

IRIS Elements Console

We’re designing a new application – the IRIS Elements Console – that will enhance the productivity of accountancy practice staff and we need your help.

We aim to achieve this by presenting a series of widgets showing the progress of key practice tasks. The widgets could use data from the IRIS database, providing a new way to present data analytics.

Staff productivity widgets could include Jobs to do today, Total jobs to do, Team availability, Job list, Jobs waiting to be picked up. But let us know what else you’d like to see.

We’re working to make the IRIS Elements Console customisable by each staff member so they can access the widgets most appropriate for their role.

So, if you’re passionate about helping to shape and develop new accountancy tech, please get involved and tell us what you think we need to achieve by joining our focus groups.

For more information and to register your interest in IRIS Elements, email us at iris.elements@iris.co.uk


  • Why has IRIS developed IRIS Elements?

    Accountancy practices are under pressure to modernise. As a result, they are overwhelmed by a technology revolution, a reduction in available talent and economic uncertainty. We wanted to create a new accountancy platform to help them solve these key issues, in a landscape that includes:

    Governments that are rapidly deploying digital processes to increase efficiency

    Government is moving faster towards digitisation because of the cost savings and efficiency it brings – that pace of change will continue alongside compliance requirements 

    Customers are increasingly dependent on technology for their business and are comfortable deploying it to run their business

    New clients and businesses are tech-savvy so there is pressure to modernise in order to compete and unlock new business opportunities. Clients work from anywhere and need consistent service delivery, so need agile accountancy services and instant access to data and information to help inform their business decisions

    New entrants to the workforce expect a technology experience closer to their own personal usage, raising issues on talent recruitment and retention

    There is a predicted shortfall in accountancy and finance staff over the coming years so there is pressure to compete and attract new employees with the right skills

    New staff want to work in modern tech environments so there is a pressure to change the work environment and create an engaging workplace for employees

    Practices want to grow in three core areas:

    Growth of the client base (practice size)
    Grow the revenue per client (profitability)
    Grow the wellbeing of the practice (balance)

    We have developed IRIS Elements so to help firms solve these issues and positively progress their goals, whether they be goals for growth, productivity or client satisfaction. 

  • How is IRIS Element different?

    IRIS Elements is not a product or service, but a client-centric adaptive platform providing a rich inventory of services customers can adopt at their own pace. This represents a significant change not only in the way customers work with IRIS but also in the way we’ll develop solutions.

    Rather than starting with a product development roadmap that is set in stone, it is our customers who are defining which modules and apps are developed and when these are needed.

    Included in the first phase of IRIS Elements, is the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) module as our customers have told us compliance with the legislation eats up valuable time.

    Our AML tool will automatically run eight separate checks including identity validation, electoral roll checks and sanctions screening with results available in seconds, making it simple to validate a person’s identity, so accountants have more time to focus on the consultancy aspects of their role.

  • How will IRIS Element help solve my problems?

    The answer is in the design of IRIS Elements which acknowledges that no two practices are the same. One set of carbon copy accountancy tools will not solve the impact of all these changes for every practice.

    Every accountancy business will have different goals they want to achieve and different pressures they need to address. By creating a platform that allows accountants to cherry pick the services that suit their business we are facilitating their growth. By ensuring all these apps seamlessly share data, we are improving their ability to become true business advisors to their clients, using information to help them make the best decisions for their businesses.

  • How much money are you spending on development?

    We’ve made a significant investment in the development of IRIS Elements, over £30 million to date. We have new specialist teams in our Manchester and Langley offices dedicated to building this platform.

  • When will IRIS Elements be available?

    We have foreseen the need to move quickly and have made a significant investment in its development. We have new specialist teams in Manchester and Langley dedicated to building this platform.

    We have a timeline for components such as practice management to be migrated to IRIS Elements, but as we are working with customers on the roadmap, the precise availability will be determined by their needs.

  • Are you stopping development of desktop apps?

    No.  IRIS Accountancy Suite (and other desktop apps) will continue to be developed and enhanced for the foreseeable future.  IRIS Elements provides choice for those accountants who want the latest technology today to enable them to progress their goals in new ways, but not all practices are ready (or want to) to move to the cloud and this is why we will continue the development of our desktop apps.

  • Will you migrate customers off desktop applications?

    No. IRIS Elements works in harmony with IRIS Accountancy Suite allowing firms to adopt at their own pace.

  • Can I only use IRIS Elements with my IRIS Accountancy Suite

    The first release of IRIS Elements will liberate your practice data for the next generation of cloud based apps. In due course similar functionality will be available with other compliance software.

  • Will it span more than accountancy?

    The core construct of Elements is that we unify the technology. All the metrics and technology developments we discuss come from accountancy but are applicable to payroll, HR and other financial systems.

  • Can third parties integrate their own apps and services to IRIS Elements?

    Yes.  IRIS Elements is built on a layer of APIs that will enable any third party or accounting firm to choose which apps and services they want to integrate.  We will make these APIs available as they are requested.

  • How will IRIS Elements help me

    We are developing a series of solutions to bring greater efficiencies to the lives of accountants in practice. We are starting with the beginning of the customer journey to make the onboarding of clients easier. If you have any  recommendations/suggestions our product team would love to hear from you. Email us now at elements@iris.co.uk

  • How do I get involved?

    To be part of the Agile Customer Design groups, please contact elements@iris.co.uk, or speak to a representative at the launch.

Join the IRIS Elements Agile Customer Design Group

Shape the future of IRIS Elements and join the Agile Customer Design Group.  

We’re working closely with practices in the development of IRIS Elements to meet the unique needs of all accountants. Have your say in the advancement of our innovative platform. 
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